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Default Mother fucked hard by a tailor

Mother fucked hard by a tailor

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this is the account of how my mother got fuked hard by a tailor

howdy this is raju and my father is in abroad and my mother is working in a bank her name is velamma.she is 40 yrs old and have some more sweltering looks she is reasonable and have long hairs,pink lips,big enormous melons and tremendous ass.Every men around our territory are partial to mother and they have mother as their dream list they numerous attempted to approach her yet she is a given spouse to my dad.Many men will pass on to fuck her hot body so lovely she particularly her immense melons she looks a run of the mill south indian ladies she generally wears saree and her melons are effortlessly unmistakable as they are so huge.Her sizes are 36-34-44 and her melons are 36gg melons thus colossal round and circular.When she strolls her gigantic ass laughs and her hair is so long which makes her so sexy.Dad visits once per year and stays 1 monthw ith us and he fucks mother day and night so hard and mother additionally appreciates great fuck yet different days she is left so dosent hav any issue with men however she converses with every one of the men in our general vicinity so welll and she sociallly carries on great withthem yet those men are overflowing their salivation to converse with mother.

There is a tailor around the road and mother visits him as mother is text style of saree and she purchases saree once every week and she needs to fasten a coordinating shirt to a saree so she went to the tailor the tailor is a gud man he is neighborly with all clients especialy ladies he knows well about womens body as he is a tailor.his name is Karuna and he is 50 yrs old wedded men he is avaerge looks and looks quiet yet I hav realized that he too fucked numerous ladies as he is so sweet with them.He too is a major devotee of mother too he tooo plays with her splits some attractive jokes and remarks about her body parts.She went to him after some lengthy timespan at around 2 pm he is occupied with a few works and his aide is on leave today so mother went in and he welcomed mother hlo vela come in and mother went inside his shop it was little room so is congested as well and mother gave her pullover bit to him and instructed him to prepared it by tomrw and he revealed to her alright vela u can come this evening by 7 pm and get it and mother disclosed to him so thank uuu karuna.So mother went home and she washed up and had some mull over opposite side karuna was considering and sewing the pullover of mother how her huge melons look lik and afterward he had an arrangement what about sewing it so tight so she will hav to invested so energy here so he can fuck her mother went to karuna and asked the pullover and he offered it to her.It was amazingly planned that the rear of the pullover is having a few ropes and is claerly open so her back is distinctly was astounded to seee it and h etold her to attempt it so he can make a few changes if ther.So mother went inside the store room so she can attempt it.She shut the entryway yet it cannot be shut its tight she disclosed to him that the entryway isn't shutting and he told hert no will ccom in now so she evacuated her saree and pullover to attempt it.Now she discovered it so difficult to put it was so tight and she called him and told that is so tight and he disclosed to her that the bra would be the cuase so snugness would expel it and attempt and mother likewise went in to attempt it and now karuna was holding up close to the ways to see and now mother was expelling her saree and now karuna peeped through the entryway gap and now mother was half naked and she wering a white bra and her gigantic melons are hanging inside it now she evacuated it and karuna was stunned to see it her melons are exceptionally immense and he had a hard erection now mother wore the pullover and now it seeemed so comfortbale to her and now she turned out and now she disclosed to him that it is alright yet somewhat tight yet it is alright yet he revealed to her that vela I a see that is some tight for u I can see it so I a see it whether it is great and mother and him went inside the room and now he evacuated the saree and now mother was stunned yet now he began to evacuate her pullover and now mother was stunned to her that he began keep his hands hard on her melons and began to squeeze it hard and mother requesting that he stop it however she was enjoyin it now he kissed on her neck and disclosed to her that vela I lov u I was sitting tight to fuck u for taxing day u r soo magnificence ur excellence made me to act this way.

Presently mother disclosed to him that we are hitched both so it isn't right wen somebody sseees it so it is wrong.but he revealed to her that it would be a mystery between us u can appreciate this vela I wll give u more joy u want.Now mother revealed to him alright and now he went and shut the entryway and now he now evacuated mothers bra and was stunned to see it her melons are hanging out now he opened his mouth his moutha nd aasked her wow vela u boobs are so tremendous and overwhelming and wats its size and she disclosed to him it is 36g and now he began to squeeze it so hard and now mother is groaning in delight and now ahahahahahahhshshsshshshshshshshhshhhshshhshhshahh ahahahahahhahahahahahahhshshshsh now he kissed her lips and began to suck it and drank the nectar from it.his hands were hardlyy presssing her melons so hard mother was loaded with so much he expelled her skirt and mother was wering a dark undies and now he evacuated it and was stunned to see it her pussy was shaved and is so pink in colour.her smooth thighs are so huge and provocative her pusssy made him so hard.

Mother is standing full bare before a man who isn't my dad.Karuna opened his mouth with mothers concealed magnificence wow vela if u r my significant other I will fuck u entire day ur hubby is a trick to miss u.Mom grinned and revealed to him u r right he cleared out me horny however now on observing u I going to need to have somebody as bf so I can enjoy.Don't stress vela I am all urs I will give u all the pleasures.Mom now kissed him on his lips and she disclosed to him I luv u karuna.U r my hubby now on.Now karuna expelled his dress and mother saw Hus erection and was stunned looking his boxer wow he is having a beast dick he now evacuated it and mother opened her mouth his cockerel is 11 inches and 4 inch size like an iron pole dark python.His balls are so tremendous like a cricket ball and now both are full bare now karuna began to kiss mothers head and neck cheeks brow and his hands began to squeeze mothers melons hard mother is loaded with full joy. Presently he kissed her lips and sucked it hard and it swung pink to ruddy and sucked her juice and now he made mother to lie on the floor and he laid over mother and he began to suck mothers melons her areola is so dim and huge round and her areolas are enormous like a grape and he sucked and squeezed her melons and lucked it nibble those areolas mother began groaning ahahahahahahhahabshshshsshshshhshshshhshshhshshs noisy and he got him so tight and now he mistreated her melons for 30 min and now he licked and squeezed her provocative navel and kissed it and now he drew close to mothers thighs he kissed her attractive thighs and licked it and now he drew close to her pussy and began to lick her pussy she was completely appreciated and she climaxed colossal and yelled ahahahahahahahahshshshshhshshohoohoohjgkohohogogog oogogogoghahahahahahahshshs he licked it his hard tongue went in and he drank her juice he played with her pussy and now he stood up and expelled her prepuce of his chicken and made mother to stoop down and now mother took his cockerel in her grasp and she said wow began to lick it lika frozen yogurt now she began to suck it and she was so much enlighted how this rooster gona fuck her today and she sucked his tremendous balls too now he made mother to rests and he laid over mother and he began to suck her melons hard and he chomp her areolas now he embedded his long dick inside her pussy mother yelled aahahahhahahhahshshshshshshhshshshshshhahhahahahah hahahahha and now he gradually began to fuck her mother delighted in he embedded portion of his dick inside and expanded the speed now he is fucking in lik a genius and mother is yelling in torment and she making the most of his fuck ahahhahahahhahahahhahhahahhshshhsshshhshshshhshshs hhs she yelled quicker quick hubby hubb hubby and she climaxed yet he is fucking lik a machine and lightning speed vey inconsiderate fuck he eate her melons and abused her melons after 45 min he realeased parcel of cum inside her pussy the them two kissed and took some rest and afterward mother sucked his chicken and now her delicate mouth influenced him to erect the he began to fuck her over and over his rooster went inside most profound aprt of mothers pussy he fucked in her can veery hard and spankled her butt hard he exhausted all his semen inside mothers diggers he fucked ordinarily on that day in numerous positions and mother appreciated it like a skank the after both ahd mystery affaair he fucked mother regulary in our home everyday schedule mother delighted in it lik a whore
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