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Default Mothers enterprise with innate men

Mothers enterprise with innate men

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this is the account of how my mother got sexual undertakings from ancestral men

Hey this is jay and im 21 yrs old my father is working in london and my mother is a researcher sea life scholar her name is velamma.My mother loves so much experiences she hav voyaged some aprts os the world she is 42 yrs old staggering beauty.she is so reasonable and have pink lips ,long hair ,enormous round melons,fatty navel,huge ass cheeks .so attractive is my mother she is lika sex godess.My father visits mother each year once and he fucks her entire day and night and other time she is felt horny.she once arrranged an excursion to indonesia an island with some of her collegues for an outing and movement of her carrer.she is exceptionally striking and versatile women.due to her dazzling magnificence numerous men will need to fuck her and punish her body however she never goes is their ways.she is dependably a decent women.THe trip she arranged is adventorus and very little of them are included so she took 6 men who were her students and two ladies who wer her collegues .THey have achieved indonesia by flight and the palce where they need to go is an island inside the profound they went into ocean by methods for transport there were so much breeze and storm and the group got struck and the overwhelming tides struck the pontoon and just mother and two men nly survived and others condition isn't known mother and the two men stranded in an island and the men were paralyzed my mothers hot body as she wore pants and shirt which got so much wet and her hot melons are protruding and now they all went into the wild island.Mom revealed to them that there were ancestral men so with the assistance of them we can achieve the shore and they went into the hedges as the trees got so significantly darker and now they could see a few skulls which were people and they could see blood recolored and the men got terrified and told mother that this place threre might be canibals they were so hazardous .around then a bolt hit the men and he was dead and now they could see numerous clans sorrounding them in circles and they were took to there caverns.

Truly they were canibal mens they will eat people and crude meat they havent benevolence in their brain .they were pack in numbers without civilisation.Now the mens body was kept in and they began to encloses them.All men in the gathering were dull and they secured their masculinity with some skin of animals.women secured their bosoms and pussy with that.Now ladies began to sing tune and now the head of clans came he is an old men 65 yrs age fit body colossal biceps and wide chest ,long hairs and he is 6 feet tall and he is greatest and most grounded men in the crowd.he wore a few chains and ear rings and was resembling a lord of forest.he now camw drew close to mother and told something and the ladies from the group began to evacuate mothers dress and alll the men were overflowing through mos hot white body and the clan head too was dazed by her they expelled alll dress from mothers body and all men including clan make a beeline for rub their dick and every one of them took out their cockerels out mother was stunned to see it there were 40 men and alll of them have enormous dicks of 8 to 11 inches long and tremendous scrotum like a cricket ball.but the inborn head rooster is incredible and is 11 inch long and 4 inch bigness so great chicken for an old men.Now tibal head told something and every one of them yelled in delight.he then requested the ladies to something and they stripped the men and hee excessively got raised by observing mothers hot body and now he instructed him to fuck every one of the ladies in the team including his better half as well and he appreciated the fuck with those ladies and now mother was tied in a shaft and two ladies brought some fluid and it appeared like nectar and they began to clean mothers body they arranged her for the marriage with the head as she yelled at them.The ladies among them disclosed to her that she too is a ladies frm outside and stalled out in the island and the men have fucked her various circumstances and now she is getting a charge out of in this place.u appear like a stunner and the head is gona wed you.And there is no real way to escape from them.JUst appreciate the life here with us.

presently they wore some ornamets and chains and a cap and mother resembled a sex godess. all men were anxious to fuck her.But the innate head is the primary men who can fuck her as he will wed her and the men now began to sound uhauhahuahahahhahuhuhuhuhuhauhuhauhuhahahahha and the head now put a chain over mothers neck and he now began to embrace her hard and he is extremely anxious to suck her melons and he began to squeeze her melons hard nad uncovered her absolutely and he began to suck her melons her melons are so gigantic than his arms and her areolas got erect and her melons are of size 36g and he began to suck both the melons he nibble those melons and mother groaned in immense joy ahahahhshshshshshhshshshshhshshs and now he excessively evacuated his garments and he is nacked mother saw his chicken going greater in size and she was flabbergasted to see his cockerel it was greatest she had ever observed so big.and his balls are colossal like a cricket he licked mothers confront and kissed her hard ly and sqqezed hers melons sucked her lips and squeezed her navel he licked alll over her body and now mother got eroused and she grasp his dick and she began to expel the prepuce and noew she knneled and began to suck it like a frozen yogurt all men were stunned to see it and she expelled the prepuce of his rooster and she sucked it and gave sensual caress and the head was astonished with mothers penis massage and she sucked and took the entire rooster insid eher mouth and of a sudden make a beeline for yell bohhhhhahhahahahhhha and he realesed parcel of precum and she drank it and the taste influenced her to go wild and she began to suck it lik a master porn star and she took wholle of his cockerel and she sucked his balls too she was choked by his she was made to rests and the head drew close to her smooth thighs and licked it and came slick mothers pink pussy and he noticed and the possess an aroma similar to mother made him so wild and he licked her wet pussy with his harsh tongue and sucked it mother yelled ahahahhahahhshhshshhshshshhhahahhahahahhaha and she climaxed and he licked it and now laid over mother and his lips bolted mothers lips and he sucked nectar insid eher mouth and his hard hand got the chance to play with her melons so hard he squeezed his cockerel close mothers pussy and began to embed his dick inside mothers wet pussy and the cockerel glimpsed so great inside the pussy as balck rooster is constantly great foer pink pussy and began to fuck mother and mother is loaded with part of pleasue and she embraced him soo tight and he embedded portion of his rooster and began to fuck her speedier and mothers pussy is being beat by the head he fucked like a creature mother yelled in torment and he mandled her melons preesed it sucked it harder and chomp her areolas and now after 30 min mother climaxed 3 times and she was groaning in torment ahahhahhahhohohohohohohohohohooshshshhshsh and after 45 min haed likewise yelled kissing her scarcely and hoohoooohoohohohohoohohooooooooooooouhuhuuhuhuuhuu huhuh he realesed part of thcick sperm inside mothers pussy and is dribbling parcel of thick cum.and a few ladies zenith and licked his cum as the cum of head is so valuable and delicious and they licked it and now he kissed mother and grinned at her now he took her and went inside a give in which is for him and every one of the ladies grinned at it.Now the head made to lie mother on his informal lodging took a few foods grown from the ground drink he now gave mother tooo and now began to suck her areolas and suck her melons and he told something ie the delightful ladies I hav ever seeen is my better half and her melons are enormous and astounding he sucked and now he had some ecrection.

Presently he fucked mother in preacher position for quite a while and beat her pussy and his rooster achieved the most profound segment of her pussy and clearly she should impregnated by his cum he powed her pussy so hard and after 20 min he realesed his sperm inside mothers womb and now he is as yet erect and now he influenced mother to stoop to and he fucked her in doggy position scarcely and he sqeezed her melons mother yelled in pleasue ahahhahahhahahhahhhahahha now her pussy is soo much extended and it got simple to fuck for they changed to bovine kid position and mother is on the highest point of him he sqeezed her melons and her melons were hopping all over .After 30 min he discharged his cum and both kissed together with affection mothers pussy is dribbling part of his cum.Now they ate some nourishment and drank and now after some rest he kicked erect and off to fuck her in her butt as mothers ass cannot get in his colossal cockerel she yelled in torment yet she making the most of his enormous chicken and after 10 mins he relesed his cum and the head fucked her entire night and mother making the most of his hard fuck and drank all his cum like a whore.She had emptied all his cum out of his balls and them two were soo tired.both of them reamined inside the give in and the head fucked her entire night both had some rest and following day mother was seen lying in the bed with legs spread and her pussy is trickling parcel of cum and a few ladies went in and woke up mother and she cannot walk appropriately and they took her to little pool where there is some water and they washed her body and the ladies asked mother how is the fuck u delighted in it ahh and mother grinned and she advised mother u going to get botched by any men of the team now hearing it mother was stunned to hear she was worn decorations like that and was conveyed to a place and she was made to lie down.without garments now all men were in line to fuck her beacuse she is there sex godess and now one by one men began to fuck her however the condition is that they can fuck her once in a month and every one of them were fucking mother hard most men relesed their cum sucked her melons chomped ,her areolas and kissed her everything general the men fucked her the entire day and mothers pussy is sored and she was
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