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Default Mother screwed hard by an old degenerate neighbor

Mother screwed hard by an old degenerate neighbor

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This is story of how my mother got screwed by old degenerate man

Howdy this is raju I m 17 yrs old my dad works in abroad and he visits our place 8yrs once we live in lease house and my mother name is velamma she is 42 yrs old and she is a committed spouse to dad.she is extremely a hot maal each man will kick the bucket to fuck her.such a hot body .she resembles an average south Indian women.she dependably wears Saree she is reasonable and her long hair reaches out up to her buttock.which looks so attractive her lips are so pink and sexy.Her top looks so colossal her melons are huge like coconut and exceptionally immense in size.Her navel is expansive and have hot bends and her greasy ass shakes wen she strolls she had been a dream for some men in our area.Many uncles appreciate mother with their eyes wen she strolls along the road they will bite the dust to fuck her hot body. Her measured body 36-34-44 her melons r tremendous 36g in estimate and round rippen melons.Dad just comes 8 yrs once and he fucks mother entire 1 mon and ten leave the place other than that time mother is left horny I realize that her pussy is sitting tight for good fuck however mother had numerous offers from uncles close by they have attempted numerous plans to tempt her yet not mother is tat kind a.

In any case, mother had great touch with neighborhood individuals she encourages them and on a fine day there is a pooja in my home and numerous area folks came and had some sweet and lunch mother was glad tat the general population she welcomed all came aside from one house. That is close by uncle named Sham nobody made a big deal about him so mother took a few desserts to his home.

Mother went into the house and saw entryway was not bolted so she went inside and she was stunned to see sham.That distort old man is mastrubating while he viewed a ladies through the window as she was bathing.Mom shoutedwat the fuck is going on and sham yelled who the fuck r u and what r u doing here.Mom revealed to him tat she likewise from his neighborhood and she told abt the pooja and she offered desserts to him she disclosed to him why he was so debase tat he viewed a ladies and mastrubating.Now sham recounted a wailing story to mother tat he was a given Husband and his significant other kicked the bucket right on time as so he does his sexual desires by mastrubating.He got some information about mother life and she told about father and me now tat debase had a thought how to screw mother as he saw mothers colossal melons and clevage and white navel.He told mother tat ur spouse is a waste kindred how he has left such an excellent wife like u.Hearing this mother had some great intension abt sham.Now mother let him know not to peep at neighborhood lady. Also, now sham told mother how might I control my sexual desires the main way is this or a basic touch from a ladies would lessen mymonster Mom has thought tat touch may help him only a touch. So she concurred for it now sham expelled his inward and mother was stunned to see a bigcock 10inch and4 inch size his balls are so colossal loaded with part ofcum mother never observed such a beast cock.Sham is 65 yrs old and mother open her mouth tat how could this old man pack an immense monster.Now he advised mother to hold it.Mom holder it and mother need a decent fuck and seeing this chicken she needs to get fucked yet perplexed about the neighbors.Now on touch of mother his cockerel turned out to be so difficult numerous veins are noticeable now mother began to blow the rooster so tat he would cum soon.Bt sham had other thought. Vela I would cum wen I sees a ladies' body.Mom yelled at him tat I'm a hitched ladies how might I do this.Now sham advised mother tat its enough to help me I simply go and mastrubate however hearing this mother consented to demonstrate her hot body. Presently sham took mother Saree and stunned to see mother gigantic water melons now he asked mother vela way estimate is urs and mother grinned and told 36g and he advised wow and he began to press the melons hard and mother asked him tat u instructed me to strip to see my body now u r crossed the breaking point now he told tat its keep sort of touch just now he squeezed harder mother body is trembling for a decent fuck sham saw it and he now exploited and now he expelled mothers shirt her enormous melons are captured inside a white bra now he squeezed her melons and is so delicate now mother delighted in it and she began groaning ah shah ahadhshshshadhahah now he evacuated mother bra now the tremendous melons got free he was extremely stunned to see the round huge melons of mother her areola is huge and dull her areolas turned out to be hard and resembles dark grape now he squeezed the melons and mother began groaning ah shah ah shah ah shah ahahahahah now he began to suck and chomp her areolas he is so difficult he squeezed and mother has got joy he sucked and drank drain from her melons now he evacuated mothers skirt and now mother's immense smooth thighs are obvious she wire a pink underwear now he evacuated it.he now took the clip and unplug the hair now mother in free hair he yelled wow vela u look so provocative if u r my significant other I would fuck u till my final gasp. Hearing this mother began to giggle he he.Now he advised mother to mastrubate mother squeezed it hard yet he could hold his cum now he told mother tat a fuck would discharge his pressure and mother was thinking for some time now she confessed that its a mystery no body knows abt this then u can have intercourse with me sham guaranteed mother it will be mystery and he guaranteed tat she will always remember this day I'm all urs sham go ahead am ur wife.Hearing this sham told vela u excellence u r my significant other and from tody u r mine babe.I luv u vela now he kissed her neck temple button energetically mother too he licked her face now he liplocked mother he chomp mothers lips and sucked nectar from her lips he sucked for25 min he now made mother to take his chicken in her mouth and mother now sucked his dick just 50% of the rooster went her throat he began to fuck her throat and now she choked and choke out d now he took his cockerel out now mother licked it like dessert she sucked his gigantic balls in her mouth now he made mother to swallow.Now he influenced mother to deceive and he lied over mothers body and began to suck the two melons he crushed it nibble her areolas mother yelled ahahhhahaahabahbabahahahahahshshshshhshshshshhshsh shshshshshahahahhahah noisily now he kissed her navel and licked everywhere on her fat gut and squeezed it hard.

Presently he drew close to mothers smooth thighs and mothers pink pussy is shaved and provocative to see.Now he began to lick it and mother groaned ah shah shshhshsshshshshhsbhshsahahhahahaahahahahahahahahh ahabashshsh he chomp her clit and mother is completely delight he opened pussy and stratd to finger it mother groaned ahahahhahahshshhshshshhshshshshshshshshs now after 5 min mother climaxed vigorously and he licked it mother disclosed to him tat ur a record master in sex sham.ur spouse is so fortunate .now sham licked everywhere on her thighs and attractive legs and toes mother motivated her to talk body licked by a pervert.Now he grinned at mother and told vela u going to appreciate this ttoo mama dear. Presently he laid over mother and she spread her thighs wide and he began to kiss her lips and kissed her nibble her lips and how he squeezed his chicken close mothers pussy now he embedded it now mother groaned hahahaahahaashshshshahaahahahaahahahaasssshshshshs hhshsshshshshsshshshhhshhhshshs he gradually began to fuck mother thightly embraced him.Now he gradually expanded the speed hr now squeezed her boobs hard squeezed and sqeesed it hard and abused her melons chomp her areolas just 50% of his rooster went in mothers pink pussy now gradually he embedded 3/4 th of cockerel now he fucked hard and enthusiastic speed this deviant had a bonanza to fuck a wonderful spouse and attractive maal he is kicking the bucket to fuck a ladies a now it's yelled ahahahhahhahahhahahahahshshshshshshshshshshshshssh shaahshahssshahaahahahahahahaahaha he is furrowing mothers pussy now mothers pussy is trickling part of liquid tat made simple for his cockerel to profound fuck.His cockerel just went inside mothers womb he fucked like a pysho mother yelled in torment loaded with his python went inside mothers pussy now he fucked for 45 min after tat vivacious fuck he yelled vela I'm going to make u pregnant my dear have it and he cummed inside mothers womb he now kissed mothers look in mothers pussy is dribbling parcel of sticky cum now he took his rooster out and now he sucked mothers melons and revealed to her tat these melons soon emit drain soon vela.Now after some rest he kicked erect and off to fuck mother hard however much as could reasonably be expected Now he fucked mother on side example mother making the most of his fuck by a degenerate old man.Now changed to on top positions he fucked her hard mauled her boobs.Cummed after 30 min inside mothers pussy lit of cum now he again still erect even after tat cum shot he now embedded his dick inside ass and now hit it hard and he chomp those apple ass he slapped it hard now embedded dick and nly 50% of his chicken went in he pummeled it so generally mother cried in torment ahahahahahahhhahahahahhahhahhahaahahhahahabhahahah ohhhhohohoogogohohohohohoohihohihihogkgysauauasusu ssysysysysysysyysysysyys after at some point he discharged his cum and now he made mother to drank his cum mother drank it .Now after a few dinners he fucked mother doggy style so hard and mother shouted in outrageous agony now his cockerel pound her pussy took toktotktotkttotktotktktotaptaptaptaptaptaptaptapta ptaptatoktokroktokrotktok sound of his balls hitting mothers thighs he squeezed her melons which are hanging scarcely fucked quick however much as could reasonably be expected mother yelled aahahahabhahhahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha ahshshshshshshshshhahahahhahshshaha ten he realesed part of cum inside her pussy then they scrubbed down both now additionally sham fucked mother inside both ass and pussy he fucked mother tat entire night in different positions mother drank part of cum and her womb is loaded with lit if cum of sham.He fucked her till following day mrng mother making the most of his harsh fuck he teared mother gaps and following day mother can't walk properly.Mom now have turned into a wife of sham he fucked mother every day in our home day by day barely after a few months mother missed her periods becas of this sick person she got pregnant hr was glad then after
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