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Default Mother fucked hard by an auto driver and shemales

Mother fucked hard by an auto driver and shemales

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this is an intriguing story of how my mother got fucked via auto driver and two shemales

hello there this is ramesh and my father works in abroad me and mother are at home my mother is velamma she is 44 yrs old.she is totally a hot south indian wife.she is so reasonable ,long hair broadening upto the asss pink lips,round tits,fatty navel and bouncy ass father just visits once 3yrs at tat time he fucks mother upto he leaves ,mother is adevoted spouse to father she had never contact with our zone men.Many men in our general vicinity is having eyes on mothers hot body so attractive is she all men particularly uncles need to fuck her and kiss her numerous endeavored to trap her however she never minds them.her sizes will make any amazing fuck her.

Her sizes are 36-34-44 her melons are so immense like watermelons which are so enormous any men will get bulldozed by it her navel is so provocative with a few bends and her rear end is so colossal which bounches wen she strolls wen turns out numerous men will look her scarcely numerous will tear her garments with their sight she goes in transports numerous men strokes her boobs and touches her hot body she is so much disturbed she is frightened of riding bicycles so she orchestrated our nearbye there is man named balaji he is 60 yrs old man he is awomaniser bt he is notable for father he is additionally a man who is anxious to fuck he has a big stake his activity is masterminding whores for high review men and sapping them and transpoting them some unlawful buisness also.but none thinks about him our mother organized him for auto ride to her offic daily.He had an arrangement how to fuck mom.he enjoyes wen he seees mother in his auto.somedays after mother went offic at around 11 am presently balaji was called by mother he came and both went on now balaji told mother tat there will be a client would she be able to modify and mother advised okk.Now balaji had went ahead to a spooky region wer nobody is ter there were two ladies remaining close by and they drew close to auto and mother moved a bit.Mom was stunned tat they were two shemales they look extremely tremendous lik guys having gigantic ass and huge it began to rain intensely and auto driver can go nly a few kms none can go in tat rain is so substantial so balaji told mother tat his home is close by so tat they can wiat there still rain every one of them went inside his home .balaji spouse left frm him having illicit relationship with another men so balaji fucks every one of the ladies on the off chance that he gets in his they all hav soaked in water so balaji opened his shirt and his hair balck chest is obvious he is 6"4 inch stature fat midsection and uncovered man bt lookin so solid and impolite now thsi shemales let him know hello man u look masculine balaji grinned at him now they excessively stripped their garments and both stood exposed balaji was in full mind-set he had a bonanza tat he is gona fuck 3 of every a they drew close to mother and told hello u attractive bitch wat r u dng strip down ur garments too go ahead mother sat tight for some time now both shemales drew close to mother and now they reamoved mothers saree and both 3 of them were stunned to see the immense cycle 36 g mellons of mother shemales told wow this bitch has some epic melons her clevage is so enormous seeing this balaji was exceptionally glad his long time holding up to fuck mother is gona happen.Now shemale kissed mother in her lips and one of them presed mothers boobs hard now they expelled her pullover and her gigantic melons are bolted inside her bra they eagergly sqeezed it hard mother staryed to groan ahahahahhahahahahahahahhahhshshshshshshshshhshshhs hshhshhshshhhshhshhshhshshshhshhshs now balaji evacuated his lungi and now shemales and mother was stunned to see his inward now he evacuated his internal his chicken is 11 inch and is so gigantic in estimate resembling an iron pole loaded with veins shemale told mother that u gona appreciate this shemales likewise expelled their inward and mother was stunned those shemales likewise hav immense cockerels and of size 8 inck and 9 inches mother was especially pleased to get fucked by those balaji drew close and now he kissed mother in her lips and squeezed her melons and told mother vela I m holding up enemy this day to fuck u ur all today for me nly my love.I lov u vela.

presently they expelled mothers bra and they are all shocke dto see mothers immense melons shemsle told that they havnt seeen such a tremendous tiited ladies ever now they are gona fuck it now they evacuated mothers skirt and now momm is wearing a red underwear her smooth greasy thigh and hot bends in her navel made her look so hot and they kised everywhere on her body licked her body now balaji evacuated her undies and now mother wet pink pussy is obvious to every one of them its all around shaved and is ooozing some one she male set down and mother over her and she embedded her dick in mothers ass openings and another expelled his prepuce of chicken and went naer mothers mouth to fuck her throat and now balaji embedded his gigantic dick in her delicate pussy and began to fuck her he sucked her pink lips so generally and heis hard tongue he licke dher delicate mouth and drank some nectar now he embedded is dick inside mothers pusy and startedt o pound her mothers all gap sare loaded with cocks she is trembling in joy the shemale whom is embeddings his dick in mothers ass hav been squeezing her boobs and sucking her colossal melons he nibble those enormous areolas and mother yelled ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahaha hahahahhahahahahhahahahahhaohohohoohohohohoohoohoh oohhoohoohohohoohoyayayayyayayyayayyayayayayayayay ayayayyshshshhshshshhshshshhhhshshshshhshshshshshs hhshhs now balaji embedded his full dick inside her pusssy and now fucke dvery barely he hit the g spot and now mother climaxed intensely and her juices began streaming which frantic each simple for him to hard fuck after 30 min they changed there positions and fucked her now one shemale fucked mother in her pussy and balaji fucked her throat mother throat cannot manage the cost of his vast cockerel so she was sufocated and gaaaged now he discharged part of sperm inside mothers mouth and advised mother to drink his hot sticky cum now mother obeyed him and she drank his cum lik a balaji began to fucka shemale in her asss gap who is fucking mother in her pussy and tat shemale beat mother hard and balaji hard fucked his butt hard squeezed her boobs chomp ner areolas and tat shemale yelled so of a bitch and now balaji fucked and spanke dhis ass annd fucked exceptionally they changed the position now balaji fucked one she male who fucked mother in her rear end he chomp her areolas and mistreated her boobs extremely ahrd and another female fucked mother he tto hit that g spot and his rooster fucked profound and it dove deep into her womb tat shemale smmoched mother she fucked kissed and sucked her melons chomp those areolas and abuses her melons now she yelled ahahahahahahahahha im cumming vela take it in and now he creampied innside mothers pussy mean while balaji fukced that shemale extremely ahrd and creampied in her can he spanke dher hard now tat she male who got fucked by balaji came and began to fuck mother in her pussy he fastly fucked her as mothers pusssy is teared up by tat both enormous cockerels and he mauled her melons noew after soe time she ashouted and realeased tremendous measure of cum inside mothers pussy by tat time balaji got unexpected surge of energy of erection ca,me close mother and began to fuck in missinary position he sucked her areolas chomped it generally and forcefullly embedded his dick it hit the g sppot such a significant number of times and mother climaxed numerous timres she began to sccream ahahahahahahahahahshshshshshshshshshshhshshhohohoh ohohohohohohohohohohohoh ya harder hard so much harsh his full dick went in and affter 45 min hard fuck balajai yelled tak eit vela its fior u my lov and he creampied mothers pussy and now he didnt stop noe he changed his position to doggy and fucked her scarcely adversary some time mother yelled in torment ahahahahahahahahahahhaahhhahahhahahayayayayayayaya yayaayaayayayyayayayayaya .now he cummed again after 20 min after 1 hr of liquor and clowning they 3 fucked mother various circumstances and mistreats her generally balaji fucked nad exhausted his cum and sperm they fucked mother entire day distinctive styled got fucked and they making the most of her a great deal they fucke dher till mrng and after that mother was dropped by balaji in our home mother cannot walk appropriately for 1 week after tat balaji fucked mother commonly furtively and making the most of her now mother is an another spouse of him and she tooo njoyed his fuckkkk..........
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