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Default Mother fucked hard by a handyman

Mother fucked hard by a handyman

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This story is about how my mother got fucked hard dubiously by a handyman.

hey this is raju and my mother is velamma and my father is an armed force man he is exceptionally strict and he is in kashmir and mother and me are separated from everyone else in home.Mom fills in as an instructor and she is 38 yrs old she is a perfect holy messenger she resembles a southindian woman her boobs are riped melons and immense in estimate tey r round and her skin shading is pale white and her butt is greasy and shakes wen she strolls its provocative to see tat her lips are red and her navel is so attractive with some greasy bends her sizes are 36-34-42 her boobs are 36g colossal melons and each man would kick the bucket to suck tat melons.all the men in our general vicinity are enthusiasts of mother tey will see mother in most robust way and assault her body with their sight itself such a stunner is mom.but mother never minds this all she is such a given spouse to father is kumar he is 48yrs old he is such a strict individual in all angles he comes to home once in a half year and he burns through cash in extremely revise way and he instucts mother in all the huse costs and he is likewise gave his affection to mom.everytime wen he visits home he fucks mother agreeable to her yet he have illicit relationship with a few ladies additionally mother doesnt known abt this.on a fine morning mother found a hole in the tap and she called father in versatile and requested a handyman number father gave some of a handyman his name is Jacob then father advised mother to give him less sum and deal however much as could be expected and mother said alright to him and chop down the call as time went of the release wind up noticeably serious and more water released and it ruined the mothers dress in the bed room so mother now called the handyman jacob took the telephone and he told he will be there in 15 min.time went of yet jacob doent came yet Mom all dress have beeen doused in water and no wshe is wearing a closet which is tight and her hot body is effortlessly unmistakable in that dress.after 1 hr she heared a thump in the entryway and she went on and opened the entryway a man was remaining with a few apparatuses and he seeemed to be jacob and mother asked him is this 15 min ......angrily and he advised sorry to learn is a north indian he looked extremely impolite he is 6'7 inch tall and exceptionally well muscle manufactured his arms are exceptionally gigantic and his chest and shoulders are crapping out veins and he is well constructed man Jacob looked and gazed at mothers tremendous melons and he was stunned to see such enormous melons of mother and hot bodyn of her he gazed a gander at mothers hot body mother doent see tat and now mother requesting that he see the hole and right the issue and both went into the restroom as mother strolled her enormous ass wiggled and jacob appreciated the show he is exceptionally excited and he is thinking to fuck mother and now he went and saw the hole and advised mother to close the valves and mother shut the valves in outside the house now the release ceased and now jacob balanced the weight measure and he hit a thought that and in expanded weight will make and water spill on a substantial and both mother and he will be soaked in water so he can get an opportunity to fuck mother and as he tought he balanced the weight and now he requested that mother come inside the lavatory and now on a sudden the weight got expanded and the valve got opened and both got dreanched in water and mother yelled at hima nd revealed to him that she have all the dress splashed in water .Jacob grinned and he evacuated his dress and he is remaining in clothing his device is so huge and is no picnic for now he expelled his clothing and mother was stunned to see his python his rooster is so huge and is 12 inch long and huge in measure his ball are huge in measure and is loaded with yelled at him why r u doing a wonder such as this u mother fucker........and jacob told mother that cool garments will influence u to get chilly and u too evacuate ur dress aand mother disclosed to him how might I evacuate and stand nake noise front of an outsider and jacob.. grinned and disclosed to her that we are grown-ups and we have seen stripped bodies and he began to expel mothers ward robe and he yelled wow mother is wearing a pinkl bra and is just shutting the boobs of mother now he evacuated it and mothers 36g mlons and her attractive body is obvious to Jacob both are stannding exposed aJacob told mother damn vela u r a provocative house spouse and I would love to fuck and sex with you pls.and now mother yelled at him and told that she is hitched ladies and jacob revealed to her that if u agreee to fuck me I will make a major markdown in the work and now mother began to think and as she is honest and she needed to spare cash and furthermore she needed a cocck in light of horny muscle worked of jacob and his huge rooster and she agreeed to fuck him nd jacob now expelled the clasp of mothers head and now her long dark hair is down and she resembled a sex sybol in that JAcob took mother to bed room and now he began to kis her lipps and he began to suck some nectar inside mother s sxey mouth his harsh tongure got inside mothers tongue he sucked it and it went for 15 mins after tat he began to squeeze mothers melons mothers melons are so colossal thathit cont be holded by him thos emelons are greater than his hands and he preseed pitt hard and mother groaned ahahahahahahahahohohohhhohoohoh his hard and unpleasant hand squeezed mothers enormous melons and I neglected to tell about mothers arolea it looked like huge dark round and is hot to see it and her areolas got erect and resembles a grapes and now he began to suck those tremendous melons and squeezed it harder and mother got into entire joy and mother got into delight as an outsider is fucking her huge meloms inside her bed room and he nibble those areolas harder and sqeeesed the melons and suckedv the drain out of the two boobs mother moanned in joy and he mauled both the melons of mother now he squeezed it harder and he sucked it for 30 min and after tat he licked all finished mothers body with his hard tongue and he licked oms arms pits and her sweat made him all the more wild and now he licked the umbilbicus and now he licked mothers hot huge thighs ans legs it is exceptionally smooth mothers body trembled in joy and now he drew close to mothers pussy as her pusssy is all around worked out by father previously and it is strectched up he began to lick it and now mother groaned ajhahahahahhahhahhohohohohoohoohohohoshshhshshshsh ahahahshshhshshhshshshhshshsh ya ohoohohoohohohoohohohhohohohohohohoohohoohhooohoho ohoohohoohoho a he licke dit and his hard tongue licked and chomp those pussy lips and he abite those clitoris of mother and now mother groaned ahahahahshshshshshshshohohohohoh im cumming cummmingcummming yayayayayayayay gracious and she squited and now her pussy is so weet now and jacob evacuated the prepuce of the chicken and now he drew close to mothers mouth and requesting that her suck his cockerel it was by all accounts huge than father and she sucked like a dessert and now he culled her hair and now he embedded his rooster into her mouth and now he began to fuck her mouth and half of his rooster just went inside the mothers mouth and now mother began to stifler and he fucked her thraot and beacuse of her smooth ness jacob is in pleasue and he appreciated it now jacob took out and mother now had her breath and now he drped mother in overnight boardinghouse spread her legs and he told mother tat hello vela u bitch I going to fuck ur hot pink pussyn till u shout and now he embedded his chicken insid emoms pussy and now he began to suck and nibble those melons hard and now he embedded his half of his cockerel and began to fuck mothers pusssy and his balls hit on mothers thighs nand sounded tapatapaytapataptoktoktoktoktoktoktoktotoktoktokto ktoktoktokto and he gradually expanded the speed of his h fucking and now he ponded with full speed mother yelled in torment goodness ahahahahahahhahahahhhhshshhhshshshshshshshshshsshs hshshshshshhhshshhshshshhhsshshhshshshhoohohohohoh ohohohohohohoohohohohohohohohohoohohohohoh ya hardarhradhradhradrhharderharedharderharder and mother is in full joy and he pondeed hard for more tan 45 min in missinary positin and inside thiose time mother have climaxed 5 times and now jacob yelled and nibble mothers boobs hard and he yelled in pleasue he stored a gigantic measure of cum into momms pussy and her pussy is dripppng part of cum after some rest he fucked inside omms butt hole her tight aasshole made him cum harder and he fucked her in doogy style and pummeled her pussy like a prostitute and skank he abused her boobs and he took her to bath and both fucked there and till morning jacob fucked mother and mother appreciated it like a skank he purged all the cum into mothers womb and butt hole he hammered and mother drank his cum gulped it and drank it like a whore he fucked mother in different positions and fucked and making the most of her hot body like a creature and he worked the breaks for nothing and left mother he didnt got cash frm mother and they proceeded with their undertaking subtly mother delighted in him fucking her hard like aa prostitute ,..............
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