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Default My mother as a surrogate to her companion tyke

My mother as a surrogate to her companion tyke

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This is a story how my mother went about as a surrogate mother and showed signs of improvement life at that point..

Hello this is raju and I am 18yrs old .My father is such a quitter he had illicit relationship with a few ladies and he exited mom.My mother is velamma 35yrs old as she is a dazzling delight she is an average south indian women.Having some hot looking body as her boobs are greater in estimate and each man will pass on to fuck her such a hot maal is mom.She have no issue she lived for my welfare.She wrked in an office wer her companion's better half is the boss.Her freind is Reka she is 36 yrs old she havent got kid in view of her restorative sickness as geeting pregnant would be an issue for her wellbeing and she is hunting in down a surrogate mother for her child.Her spouse is james he is 50 yrs old he is a decent man.Mom had a decent kinship with both of them.Mom dependably wears a saree and she is exceptionally hot in light of the enormous melons and her attractive midriff and greasy ass.Every men are wanting to fuck my mother however she isn't a sort of ladies who isn't a slut.Her sizes are 36-34-42 and her tits are 36g major melons it is noticeable and round molded all men are featuring at mother wen she strolls outside and wherever she goes.James and Reka once went to our home and mother is serving them at tat time her pallu is moved and her huge clevage is obvious additionally her huge melons and james saw that scene and he is enjoyong the show of my mothers huge melons mother didnt watched it yet Reka was watching it and she was shamful tat she is having littler tits than mom.James continued watching mothers hot body her hot navel and her butt as it wiggles wen she strolls as other men james likewise wantd to fuck mother as his coveted lookstells it.Now mother corrcted her pallu and she went inside the kitchen and now Reka asked james would she say she is more blazing tan me....? what's more, James was shovked hearing that and he cannot advise anything to Reka and now she asked james do u need her to fullfill ur deep yearnings james? what's more, he answered yes...... Reka and james arranged and they need two things one a kid for them frm a surrogate mother and james need yo fulllfill his sexual desires.Now Reka had a thought tat mother id the best individual for both the things and she will concur for it ... ...Mother originated from kitchen with some dish and now reka asked mother .....vela we need a surrogate mother for our youngster and mother revealed to her wat would i be able to improve the situation tat and she yold mother will u be surrogate mother for my child.Mom was stunned to hear it and she got furious and she told tat I m wedded and how might I do such athing and mother was confounded to hear that however she thought for some time and she remebered the assistance done by reka amid our sufferings and mother consented to be as her surrogate mother for their tyke and she asked reka how the method is and she told that the sperm is ejaculted from james and is put away in ur uterus and is exorbitant pricedure ......but without that a methodology is there yet its a natutal way....Mom asked wat and Reka told mother tat She would engage in sexual relations with james on consistent premise thought for some time and now she concurred for that.on hearing this james got glad tat he is hona fuck a ladies before hia possess spouse none other yhan her friend.Reka advised mother to design a remote visit so tat nobody knows abt this thing and after labor we can be here and according to design they took mother to USA and they organized a house.Mom was wearing a saree and they all set for the fucking in the bed room James came inside with a pant demonstrating his strong body ..he is exceptionally dark in shading yet have great cumbersome muscles .Now he drew close to mother and he began to kiss her pink lips and mother additionally began kissing him he sucked and licked nectar frm her lips and began to kiss once again her button and neck he kissed mother a few times as he is a poor person as he havent fucked a ladies for more than 10yrs he is so horny and is anxious to fuck he evacuated mothers saree and mothers tremendous clevage is obvious to james and her hot navel is likewise hot.n ow he expelled the shirt and now mother is wearing a white bra and her 36g melons are noticeable and now he began to press those melons hard and mother began groaning ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahhahahauhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhububjbuhuhuhu and now he expelled the bra mother enormous melons got relese and is so immense her areola is dark and is roundabout sheped and her areolas are huge and is got erect and resembles grapes now james thirstyeyes gotthose melons and he strted to suck those tiities he squeezed hard and mother got more delight and he nibble those areolas harder and he sucked those melons mother groaned ahahahahahaahahshshshshsahahahshshshhshsh he mauled those boobs he is playing with such gigantic melons like a monkey.Now he stood up and he evacuated his troser mother was

stunned .....james chicken is gigantic like a python 11 inches long and his balls are immense containing part of sperm for a considerable length of time he doesnt fucked his significant other mother havent seen such a major dark cockerel in her life time and she cant beleive she is gona got fucked hard by that colossal rooster in her pink pussy.Now james expelled mothers skirt and now mother is wearing a pink clothing now he evacuated her clothing and now both are naked inside the room and now reka came inside the room and she was stunned to see mothers hot body being bare and she told mother that vela u hot bitch u r sobeautiful even after ur marriage how tatbastard left u each man will bite the dust to fuck ur hot body u r so fortunate to convey our tyke and james now took the stick frm mothers hair and her long hair tumbled down and now she is even so hot and james now began kissing and kissed with mother and he squeezed those melons hard and told mother vela u r fucking hot if u r my better half I would fuck u the entire day and suck ur enormous titties u bitch and now im gona ready ur pussy hard and seed my sperm in ur womb to convey our he took mother with his solid arms and dropped her in bed now he stod on bed he strted to withdraw the fore skin of his rooster now he advised mother to stand up and bow in quaint little inn done tat he advised mother to suck his dick momrefused to do it at first and ten she began to suck it the tip is secured with smegma a whitish dischrge and mother confront got worsr as it tasted awful yet it made mother horny she sucked it like a frozen yogurt and james delighted in it and now he culled her tuft of hair and he began fucking in mothers mouth mother began choking and heaving his rooster is so tremendous so oit got choked out fr mother she cannot breath now because of the delicate quality james relesed a little precum inside mothers throat and she drank it like a skank and now she sucked the chicken till his rooster is hard now james made mother to lie on overnight boardinghouse went close to her smooth thighs and he saw mothers pink pussy lips he went close to the pussy and began licking her pussy with hos hard tonguueand mother began to groan ahahahahahahahahaha after 10min mother sqirted an enormous cum and now he licked that he fingered it and licked the pussy mo. was getting a charge out of it now he laid over mother body and now he embedded his tremendous cockinside mothers pink pussy and he began to kiss mothers lips and embedded his hige rooster gradually and now 50% of the dark chicken went in and gradually he expanded the speed mothers tittis are begun toshake and now he sucked it and nibble those areolas mother was appreciating the pussy beating by her best frnd hubbing while she is watching it.reka was desirous abt mother tat she is unlucking to have been a mothet to james he began to build he speed and the balls got hit on mothers thigs and it sounded tap Ttap toktoktoktoktoktoktok and she is yelling ahahahajajajahhahahahhahahah ohohohohohohohohoh and james is fucking hard and his vock is throbbing her pussy and he os isn full swing he got full speed and is shaking mothers pussy hard and now mother yelled in torment ohohohohyayauayauayayayayasshshshshsgshhshshsshshs hshshsahahahahahahhahahhahah ya fuck and he fucked in teacher position and his cockerel entered the most profound part of mothers pussy and he is fucking unpleasant like a creature and mother cried in torment he manhanfled the titties and sucked it hard 45 min he furrowed mothers pussy hard and mother has climaxed 5times yet he is as yet fucking her pussy now his body got shuddering now he kissed over mothers tittis and now he yelled ahahahahahahaohohohohohohoh and he stored an immense heap of cum in mothers pussy and he kept a colossal in mothers wombs now he kissed mothers everywhere all over and he kissed her and sucked her boobs now james told mother I m gona make those tittits convey drain packs for my tyke u sweet nectar and after some rest james to sit over him and fucked her and sucked and squeezed her melons he scewed her pussy mother got tore her pussy he fucked her in cowhand position ,doggy

style and the same number of positions and saved all the cum inher pussy and suvked tjose melonsin between rest time he fucked her butt openings and extended those minor ass gaps and hard hit ass he discharged a tremendous volume of sperm and fucked mother a few times and saved the mothers womb.James fucked mother till morning and reka appreciated live sex and james kept on fucking mother every day and punished her scarcely he tore her and demonstrated no leniency to her pussy and butt holes he played with her titys and sucked it their sex mission proceeded for 2mon and now mother hinted at pregnacy and her upt indicated it and she missed her periods and james was glad to be father for first time and now they gave mother healthuy nourishments for the development of the child james despite the fact that fucked momdailyin ass gaps and he delighted in after 5mon mothers knock got greater in estimate now usg check indicated triplets

inside mothers womb and james was upbeat and they done child shower in 9mon and after tat mother gavebirth tothree children of james and reka expressed gratitude toward mother for her affliction and now james asked mother will u wed me and she
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