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Default My Bully fucked my mother -Ass to pussy, Blowjob, Cheating

My Bully fucked my mother -Ass to pussy, Blowjob, Cheating

Dream, Ass to pussy, Blowjob, Cheating, Cum Swallowing, Hardcore, Prostitution, Spanking, Wife

This is a decent story how my harasser got my mother into his trap to fuck her ...

hello there folks this is raju and is a story abt how my genuine harasser Babu who tormented me and finally he fucked my mom.My mother is velamma she is 38yrs old and she is such a wonder she is reasonable and have hot body having pink lips and hot navel.Her boobs are round and huge in estimate they are so colossal smooth melons her rear end is likewise so tremendous as it wiggles when she strolls and is so sexy.She dependably wears saree and her immense resources are effectively observed and every one of the men over the road have an eye on mothers hot body I hav seen such huge numbers of old and youthful folks gaze a lusy investigate mothers hot body numerous hav touched and preesdd herbhot body in busesand markets.Any men who sees her would bite the dust to fuck her such a marvel is my mom.she knows abt it however she never sjows and she never brains such things.Im examining in a school and im a lesser and in our clge there is all the more ragging and I m a casualty in it there is a domineering jerk in our clge his name is Babu he is our senior he generally associated with mischeivious things and harassing numerous folks he eveteases young ladies and he is mother lover he have fucked numerous young ladies in our school he is so solid 6'9feet tall extremely massive musles and solid arms and shoulders he can battle with 10 folks at once and he is so solid he lives in our road and he has been tesing me a few times.Once there was a capacity in our clge mother went to the capacity she wore a white saree and she wote more golds and jasmine blossom in head and she is an outright treat for our school folks and numerous men overflowed a scandalous investigate mothers hot body Babu was completely druk and he is crazy he saw us and he prodded me and mother he disclosed to some profane words ....hey u bitch u r hot come and fuck my chicken u close relative ........haha and mother got furious and she reproved him and she slapped him none of the individual hav touched Babu he is so solid mother hav took the wrong choice and I watched him he had an awful grin all over and went off I hav known him he definitelydo something yet I hav an uncertainty abt why he cleared out us ......On following day around our road Babu was remaining with his group Mom went of to office I hav seen Babus eyes hav a robust look on mothers hot full bosomed tits he had a grin in look as I questioned he called me and he slapped me hard all over and he revealed to me that he will abandon me if mother have a sex with him and I was stunned to hear this ,if u do this I wll leVe u free else I won't leave u freely.How would i be able to tell mother abt this issue I was thinking abt it ......but I hav some healthy musings abt mother being slammed hard by some more bizarre and why tat couldnt be Babu...?mom asked me abt the red stamp in my face and I advised the issue to mother and mother was vexed hearing that yet she thoght for some time and she said alright I couldnt figure mother will acknowledge for this and now I going to see my horny mother being slammed by my bully.Babu had a negative behavior pattern in the event that he fucks a young lady or ladies in the event that he supposes they are worth he will fuck them and mature them barely else he will abandon them free and let other part fuck them.He wll tape it and blackmile for getting nxt time chance for some horny young ladies in school I was embrassed wat will occur for mom.The nxt day I instructed him to go to my home for supper as he accompanied me Mom needed to talk him furtively abt something and needed me to hold up outside and mother asked him whether he won't trouble me in the event that she lets him to fuck her and Babu revealed to her alright close relative from now on iand my frnds wont distrub raju.But u must do whatever I need both went inside the bed room Babu expelled mothers saree and now mothers enormous 38g melons and her profound clevage is obvious her melons are captured inside the bra now he evacuated the coat and now mother is wearing a white bra now he expelled it and wow her huge melons are totaly free and babu opened his mouth wow.....what a major boobs I havnt sen such a beautyful melons and now he squeezed it harder mother groaned ahahahahahahashshshshshshahahaahahahah now he expelled mothers skirt mother wore a dark undies her smooth huge thighs are effortlessly noticeable and is so hot now he squeezed her greasy ass and he hard now he expelled undies now mother is standing naked before babu wat a delight I hav fucked numerous ladies yet u r the best among them he evacuated his shirt his cumbersome muscle assembled and expansive chest is great looking.He has some ribbed abs 8packs and massive arms now he expelled his gasp his apparatus is now prepared to pound mother now he expelled his clothing mother was stunned she opened her mouth.Babu is having a gigantic cockerel 11inches long and 4inch size it is so solid and like an iron rod.His ball are gigantic and is loaded with parcel of sperm.Now both are naked and now Babu is standing 6'9 tall and mother is only 5'4inch he is a onstanding stance babu unclipped mothers barrette and mothers long hair went down and is long till her vela ur hair is so long said he began to kiss mothers lips exceptionally anxious ly his hard tongue got into mothers mouth and he sucked for 10min now he kissed all finished het neck,face,ears.armpits he licked all finished .now he stod behind mother and he holded the two boobs in his hard hand .thise melons are greater than his hands and he began to sqeeze it hard and mother began to groan ahaahahashshshshahahahashshhshshshshshhshshshshahh ahahahahhahahah he took mother in his huge hands and dropped her on bed he climped over mother and he began to suck those colossal melons scarcely mothers blackish and huge roundabout her areolas r like grapes he nibble tjose niples and squeezed hard and mother groaned ahahahahhahashshshshshhshsaahahahhahahhaa he manhanled the two tits and now he licked mothers attractive nav el he sucked it and licked it now he kissed mothers thighs and hot legs he suvked her legs fingers and now he kept his head in the middle of mothers thighs and he began to lick her pussy he put one finger and he chomp her clitoris and licked like a bull.after 5min mother climaxed hard and he licked it now he stood up and made mother to stoop in informal lodging his rooster mother holded the beast cockerel of his for first time and she sucked it and now babu pluckex her hair and he embedded his half chicken inside her throat and began to fuck and mother began choking and sufocated she hacked she couldnt breathe.due to delicate ness he ejacuted gigantic sperm inside mothers throat and mother drank it like a whore now he took his rooster and now mother extended her thighs energetically babu was stunned wow vela u hav changed answered seeing such an enormous cockerel each lady will need to get fucked hard I additionally thoght babu laid over mothers body in missio ary position he began to fuck and he isnerted hsi gigantic dick and he began to suck and nibble mothers melons scarcely now gradually he began to fuck he gradually expanded the speed he is beating mothers pussy ver quicker and taktak tak taktaktakatak sound is delivered by his ball hitting mothers ass mother yelled ahahahahahahahshshshshshshshshshshshshshahahahahah ahahaohhhohohoojjohkihohohkkhojoohohhhohhohojh his rooster went to the opening of the uterus and he beat quick and hard mothers scremed and cried in torment his beast ponded mothers pink pussy for 45min mother has climaxed 5tomes her juices made so natural for his cockerel and the domineering jerk is piunding extremely

hard as ever and mother yelled ahahahahahaohohohohohohhshshshshsh uproariously and now he discharged a gigantic heap of cum inside mothers pussy and he filled his cum inside mothers womb he kissed all.over mothers confront he kept his chicken inside phefussy and they romanced mothers pussy is dribbing lit of sticky cum of babu.he su cked her boobsand now he took his rooster it is ztill hard now he made mother to sit over him and he began to fuck in cowhand position for some timeand later he changed to doggy and beat mothers pussy hard like an animal.after hard fuck he stored his cum inside mothers pussy now he is still hard wat astamina u spook babu he is a genuine domineering jerk in fucking.such a stamina now he made mother to suck his cockerel and now he embedded into mothers ass gaps it is so tight he pummeled it harx and punished it hard with his hands after 15min he relesed his cum inside mothers mouth.momslut so worn out and she dozed gor some time however babu sucke dher melons and he nibble her melons.aftersome time he took mother to bathroomand he fucked herbinside the shower and both had some shower and tidy up babu fiercely fucked mothers the two gaps in bath mother pussy got ruddy additionally her he hit it hard.Babu severely fucked mother I. a few positions and tore both her gaps ver y hard he mistreated the two melons mother cannot stroll without help he fucked hard mother the entire night and discharged his sperm inside mothers womb.Babu proceeded with his undertaking with mother. Mother hav wind up noticeably pregnant a few times however she was prematurely ended and babu truly appreciated an undertaking with my mother he never disturbs me im upbeat likewise momshe making the most of her issue furtively and delighted in being mercilessly fucked by babu and I hav mademy mother a truly skank he have generally dealt with her with his companions and a few times she went about as a whore to him and his companions additionally appreciated subsequently mother turn into a bitch in our general vicinity nd delighted in sex a lottttt......
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