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Default Bank chief fucked my mother -Hardcore, Romance, Spanking, Wife

Bank chief fucked my mother -Hardcore, Romance, Spanking, Wife

Fiction, Anal, Blowjob, Cheating, Cum Swallowing, Hardcore, Romance, Spanking, Wife

This the narrative of my mothers sex experience with a bank was caught, enticed and fucked hard by bank supervisor and at last they went ahead into a relationship....

hello there folks I m raj and this isthe story of how my mother got slammed hard in bank locker by the bank mother name is velammma she is a ravishing holy messenger having size of 38-34-42 and her boobs are enormous ready melons and substantial and gigantic in measure she is reasonable and since quite a while ago haired she is 38 yrs old and her rear end is likewise so immense and it squirms when she strolls her lips are pink and she had a hot navel with some little fat around.all men in our road had an eye on my mother and all are starving to fuck mother hard .yet mother never minds them she is a given spouse she is consistent with my dad my dad is working in dubai and he comes once a year.when he comes he remains here for 3months and he fucks mother all the day which I hav saw through a peep gap ge blasts hard and I hav seen mother melons shakes hard.after that mother is left horny for more than 8months.i have seen numerous men gaze at my mother when we go out in transport and in swarmed places mother had got gropped in ass and boobs ordinarily by numerous men however mother never minds day mother needed to go to bank to keep her jewellerys in mystery locker and she went to bank in taxi wearing a white saree in which she resembled a sex bomb.she wore ear ring bangles and wore jasmine bloom in hair wer she is so hot to see.and a sack wer she kept all her jewels.moms shortcoming is gold so father introduced her jewls commonly and she had more gold decorations so she needs to keep it in security locker in a is a private bank.the chief is a companion of my father his name is lalbagadhur he is a precarious man.he is 55 years of age uncovered head and balck shading and had huge greasy stomach.and 6'7 tall man he resembles a went inside the bank and its break time and numerous utilizes wer leave on that day.lal invited mother and he began gazing at mothers hot body.lal is a flat out play he began playing with mother for quite a while and began remarking about her hot body and mother loved it.lal had a desire on mother for a considerable length of time and he is additionally one among thousnds of man whom need to fuck mom.lal requested that mother come to locker room and both went inside the vault.lal had a thought that today is the best time to fuck mother and he cleared out mother inside the vault and put on an arrangement to fuck mom.he called the technisian fellow to turn the ebb and flow off and leave the place for some time and the man asked him for what good reason supervisor and lal revealed to him that he would fuck mother and is yhe perfect place to trap her inside and fuck the entire day and he told about his desire towards mother and as request the person off the electicity and both mother and lal got bolted inside the got frightened and asked lal when will the power comes and lal disclosed to her that heartbroken vela hold up vela I wll call the technisian fellow and he called him yet mother doent nptice that lal put the telephone in off-line mode wer call doesnt goes out.and now lal grinned and told mother that there is no chance to get out till nxt morning wen power deficiencies are had stress favor her face.but lal had a lustfull bless his face.they sat on the floor and lal began clowning jokes and playing with mother and he remarked on mothers figure on some messy words and mother loved it and time gone and lal needed to expand the farthest point shut so as to fuck mother he advised mother to wear the gems and mother asked him for what reason and he told that he wad a decent at photography so he would take some great pictures of mother and mother concurred and mother wore all her gold oranaments like bangles neckband ear rings hiplace and she resembled a statue and lal was flabbergasted to see it he got horny at it and told mother that vela u look so flawless in this jewles and mother advised thanks lal and lal went to a locker and brought numerous gold and he went close mother and revealed to her that it will be wonderful on the off chance that she expels her saree and more gold can be worn and delightful and furthermore glamourous to see her ahhhh mothers shortcoming is gold and on a sudden mother consented to it and she evacuated her saree and her 38g melons are popinf out inside her tight coat and her clevage is huge and lal was astonished to see mothers melons and he cant brlhe cant brleive that he is gona suck those melons today.and now he went close to her and wore some more chains and mother resembled a sex godess.lal now told mother that she is more stunning than any time in recent memory and mother has fallen into the sentimental lines of lal advised mother to move so yhat he would take numerous photos as he needs and mother began moving in an un universal way now lal gone close mother and disclosed to her tat he will demonstrate to move and he got her hands now both moved and on a while lal touched all finished mothers body and he squeezed mothers greasy navel and mother yelled ahahhah wat r u doing lal and lal revealed to her that its all move and mother comprehended and now lal touched all finished and now he moved mother and now snatched her hard and began kissing her pink lips puled him and yelled at him and told lal this isn't right lal im ur companions wife and wedded ladies and lal told mother that he cherished her and told about his lust.vela pls I havent toched a womens body for quite a long time and u are additionally yeraning for a decent fuck which my freind give u once every year fnt squander ur time pls it will be mystery with us pls and now mother grinned at him and lal wad stunned to see mother grinning this way and mother revealed to him that alright lal we can engage in sexual relations as u loved .lal was stunned hearing this.n ow he got mother scarcely and began kissing her lips harder and drained nectar out of her lipsfor 15 min and mothers lips had moved toward becoming redish due to the liplock now lal began squeezing mothers melons alongside the shirt barely and he told mother wow vela u hav some huge melons wats the bra estimate he asked mother and mother disclosed to him 38g and grinned and now he expelled the coat snare and now mothers huge melons and hanging inside the dark bra he began squeezing ut hard and mother strated groaning ahhaohohihkiahahaha and now he unfastened the bra snare and he opened his mouth ahahah wow mothers 38g watermelons are hanging out and is exceptionally colossal the areola is extremely dull and resembles a major round and the areola is erect and resembles a grapes now lal began sucking and pressing the melons hard he sucked both the melons he abused the two boobs and chomp tjose areolas and mother groaned in sooo much joy ahahahaohohihkjohohoh and he crushed it barely with his hard tonguue he mauled the two boobs for around 30min now he licked mothers atmpit and navel and crushed the navel hard now he expelled her skurt and now mother is wearing a pink undies now he expelled the undies mothers pussy is swollen and wet she is all prepared to get fucked hard her pussy is shaved and no hair is there it looked excellent lal now turned mother and loked at mothers fat ass and punished it hard mother yelled ahhhhh .now he evacuated his dress and he is wearing innerwear just his huge cockerel is solidified and mother saw that it resembles a pole now lal expelled his internal and mother was stunned lal has tremendous chicken 11inch size and is thick insize and his gonads are additionally huge and resembles a major cricket ball the semen is put away for a considerable length of time and them two are bare now mother doent seen such a major rooster earlier and now lal lifted mother and brought her into a live with a bed he dropped her and hopped over mother and began sucking and seezing mothers melons and mistreated it for 15min mother groaned ahahahahahhahhhahahha now he licked everywhere throughout the body and now went under mothers thighs and mothers juice smelll made him wild and he began licking pussy and began to suck and fingering mother had been under graet joy and she groaned ahahahahhhahha noisily 5min later she squirted and he licked the juices and now he stood up and requested that mother stoop down and he began to shke his chicken it is full erect and looked like iron pole he kept his chicken close mothers mouth and now he advised mother to lick it and mother began to suck it like a skank and lal is in full pleasue and mother sucked his ball likewise now lal began to pull mothers long hair and began to fuck in mothers mouth just 50% of yhe rooster went inside and mother began he took his rooster out and now he drew close to mothers thighs and fall on mothers body and staand fall on mothers body and startec to suck his melons hard and now he put his cockerel insid e mothers pusssy and pushed gradually it is exceptionally yight and mother began to groan ahahaoahahaojakabkaohijohojohohahahah and now gradually he expanded the speed now hlf of his chicken is onside mothers pusssy after 10min mother climaxed yet lal is expanding his stroke hard now three fourth of his cockerel is inside mothers pussy and he strted to ound mothers pussy hard mothers melons bounced hard he shook hard with speed and his ballls on samkin the thigh seemed like tapatapatap taptok toktotktok and mother is in xtreme torment and she strted shouting ahahahahahahahahahahahajajajjajajajhahah and he fucked hard like a creature loaded with his rooster went inside mothers pussy and his chicken has come to the deepesy pirtion of the pussy and it pierced upto mothers uterus after45min of hard fuvking lal body expressed shiveting and he yelled ahahahahah additionally mother both climaxed and mothers pussy is brimming with lal cum and mothers cum.lal kissed mother allover her face and his cockerel is still hard and after 10min he began to fuck mother in her stinky sphincter and mother is spnked hard .lal fucked mother in all the positins and fucked her butt holes and pussy and beat hard he discharged all his cum inside mothers pussy and mother drank liters of lal cumshot till morning mother has been scarcely fucked by lal and lal has fucked mother upto his fulfillment .in moring he gave all the gold to mother and yhen onwards he offered some gold and fucked mother day by day and mother appreciated the undertaking with lal both are presently living togethet mother got separate from father and now
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