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Default Mother's compensation back to lender -Blackmail, Cum Swallowing, Group Sex

Mother's compensation back to lender -Blackmail, Cum Swallowing, Group Sex

Dream, Anal, Asian, Blackmail, Cum Swallowing, Group Sex, Hardcore, Mature, Spanking, Wife

This is the tale of how mother was fucked and screwed hard by some agent and his men whom father obtained cash.

Hey I m Raju and my father is working in an organization and he is bit of some business misfortune and because of that he acquired cash from some nearby gangster.We live in a little house and because of father's exchange we moved to other place and my mother is velamma she is a housewife.She is an entirely hot women.She is 38 yrs old and 5'3 tallness and reasonable skin,blue eyes,very enormous boobs,curvy navel ,pink lips,long haired,fatty ass cheeks.Every men will bite the dust to fuck her she is constantly oogled by the men in our area.The primary reason is that her huge water melon boobs Soo huge and her sizes are 36-34-44 and her melons are 36g so huge and round makes her Soo special.But mother it doesn't mind about the other men oogling at her hot body she is a dedicated spouse to my father.But father forever discontent her he is an excessively occupied and she is dependably felt horny.I am huge admirer of forbidden and I needed mother to be fucked by some peculiar men hard and it never happened.Thus we moved to new place and mother have been orchestrated things and father is out for some office workshop and he will be here following 1 month and now mother is stayed in home for solo.

In a fine morning there rang a chime in entryway and mother went out.She found a neighborhood hoodlum named Reddy and his three men remaining outside and she asked what they need and now all men was oogling at Mom's hot body and Reddy was beginning at Mom's gigantic titties and he told about father cash obtain from him and the date he given was finished and he came to get cash pay back and mother was apprehensive and she disclosed to him that we don't have such a great amount of cash at now and he answered sorry mss.I need to recover the cash paid today itself generally give something equivalent to it in wording and she didn't tell anything is commendable than is there now.Suddenly Reddy drew close to mother and he snatched her colossal melons and he grinned and the folks as well and he told u have some immense fucking titties and I would decrease the cash in the event that you are prepared to give me a blownjob to my rooster and mother was stunned to hear that and she revealed to him that she is hitched and he disclosed to her no issue mam it will be helpful else you will meet us in court and mother thought for some time and she advised alright and she requesting that he go inside the bed room and they all went inside.Reddy is an old man 55 yrs old and he is extremely solid and looking exceptionally impolite extremely solid built,braod shoulders,big furry chest,pokeamrked face,flat belly,huge biceps.Now mother expelled his jeans and she could see some tremendous swelling inside his boxers and she was astonished to see now she evacuated it and she was stunned his cockerel is so thick and enormous 12 inches chicken and 5 inch circumference loaded with pumped veins and his balls are Soo colossal like a cricket ball.Now he advised mother to give blownjob and she took it in her delicate hands and she evacuated the prepuce and now he advised to suck it and seeing it mother was stunned and she was wet inside her pussy and now she licked it and she permitted it hard now Reddy gradually got her melons and she disclosed to him tats not u told that nly penis massage and he told nly observing ladies' body will make me cum soon and now mother told alright and he now evacuated mom'ssaree and pullover he could see her gigantic melons and now he expelled her bra and was stunned wow miss u have some Bigg melons and now he began to suck and crush her immense melons her areolas got erect and he was flabbergasted her areolas are so huge like grapes and her areolas is excessively dim and big.Now mother asked him tat isn't in our arrangement man and now he told another arrangement that he will lessen 1/4 of cash on the off chance that she allows him to suck and nibble her melons and now she told okk and he continued sucking and gnawing her areolas so hard his solid arms pressed her delicate melons Soo hard and now he sqeezed it.Now she began to suck his cockerel it is so salty and musky odur and tat made momcarzy and she was wanting to fuck a cock.She licked it and the precum tasted so pleasant and salty now she sucked it and on other hand the workers was horny seeing a lovely spouse being fucked by their manager and made them horny.Now he expelled the clasp from her head and her long hair dropped and now he culled a tuft of hair and began to fuck in Mom's throat and mother began to stifler and she can't breath she is choked by the vast cockerel he ruthlessly embedded his cockerel and he was amazed to the point that mother's delicate mouth and now he took chicken out and after that embedded it and he continued improving the situation 20 min and now he thundered ahahahhahahohohohohohohoo and he discharged parcel of thick sperm in her mouth and now mother gulped his hot thick sperm and now she licked the cum on his cockerel as well.

Seeing this he was made wild who thought such an excellent spouse would be a cum drinking skank yes now is the new arrangement and she asked him wats tat and he told that he would diminish half of the sum on the off chance that she enables him to fuck as much as he needs and she grinned at him and advised haha u known how to deal a ladies and she advised alright and now he began to kiss her everywhere on her neck face and his hard tongue licked everywhere on her face.Now he kissed her lips and began to such it and chomp her pink lips and his hard tongue entered her mouth and sucked her sweet squeezes and he sucked like a damnation and his hands extremely pressing her boobs Soo hard and she was trickling parcel of wet inside her pussy and now he began to suck her colossal rippen melons and he took entire melons inside his huge wide mouth and sqeezed it so hard and he nibble her areolas and she groaned ahahahahahahahahahaaj shshshhshshhs shhshshshhshshshahahahshshshshshshshhs and he mauled her melons.he squeeed and chomp out her niples hard and mother groaned he advised her there is another arrangement and that he will redue a large portion of the amoount in the event that she enables him to fuck her and mother told alright and now he made her lie on quaint little inn bounced over her and startred suking her melons and gnawing her areolas hard and now he kissed her nek and melons and now armpits and he licked her navel and now drew close to her thighs and now preferred her hot thighs and is so smooth and now he enterd into mothers pussy and is so pink and wet and now he licked it and chomp her clit and mother mooaned in joy ahahhahahhahahohoohoohOoHoHOoHOoHOoHO and He enetred Hiis enormous Hard tongue inside Her pussy and loved inside He nearly gulped Her pussy and sHe is getting a charge out of it a lot.Now He spread Her legs more extensive and laid over Her and now He embedded His Huge chicken inside Her pussy and is so Huge and mother heaved in delight and He gradually began fucking Her and He abused Her melons so Hard and mother is enjoyin in mucH joy and sHe is being fucked like a prostitute by a Hard men.

He continued fucking Her soo Hard His alright went into tHe most profound segment of Her pussy His Huge chicken nearly entered completely inside mothers pink pussy and sHe is sHouting aHhaHaHaHaHHaHaHHAHaHaHHsHHSHHsHsHhsHsHsHHsHHSHsHH HHHSHHSHs oHoHOoHoHOHOoHoHOHOoHoHoHOHOoHoHOHOoHOoHohOOoHOoHO HOoHOHOoHoHOHOoHOoHOHOHOoHOoHhOoHoHOoHOoHoHoh He pumped Hard like a fucking macHine He chomp Her areolas soo Hard and mauled Her melons and nibble Her lips mother was getting a charge out of it like a prostitute and He continued beating Her pussy so Hard mother was sreaming in paain and joy He fucked Her for 40 min and mother Has climaxed 6 times and are Huge climaxes and now He expanded His presure so Hard and His body is trembling in joy and He now sHouted aHHAHaHHAHaH take it child take it and He stored Huge measure of cum inside mothers womb and now He kissed everywhere all over in deligHt and is magnificence to see mothers pussy streaming with parcel of cum and after tat He is as yet erect and mother was sHocked How could u still Hard and He revealed to Her seeing sucH a wonderful spouse like u made me Harder and now He embedded His ock inside Her rear end and just Half of His rooster went inside her opening and he now fucked hard and sqeezed her melons and after15 mins he discharged substantial measure of sperm inside Her ass.Now he kissed her and said tHank u woman during the current day and He turned out.

He asked his men folks u delighted in the fun and they let him know would have appreciated on the off chance that you permitted us likewise in the fun tat housewife is an extremely a hot maal and we need our shot as well and supervisor let them know ya I can organize it. Presently he came in and that men too came in and asked hello Vela my men too needs to fuck u well I will diminish full sum if u permit us folks to fuck u entire day and night.And hearing this she told alright and all men were argued in bliss they came in and they expelled their garments they looked unpleasant and hard manual specialists have pleasantly worked than their supervisor and they are currently in pants and she was stunned to see that those men's likewise have gigantic chickens and now they evacuated there boxers and one of them have 11 inch and other have 12 inches and is so immense and thick their balls are additionally Soo colossal and swollen with parcel of sperm.Now they three drew close to mother and now they moved over mother hot body and two of them began to suck her tremendous melons and one licked everywhere on her body and they sucked and nibble her areolas so hard and pressed it Soo hard mother was loaded with part of delight and she yelled ahahahahahahahahahahshshshshshhshshshshshhshhshshh shshhahhahahhohohohohohohohohoyayayauauausysy hey jjshshshshhhahahahhahahha and they abused her melons so hard now one of them fucked nad deepthorated in her mouth and she was sanveged by other two men and they were fucking her so hard thus quick like a whoe in her both ass and pussy now the manager too came in and he excessively joined the gathering he too fucked her mouth and they changed there turns and fucked every one of her gaps and she screwed hard by 4 major roosters they all dove so deep in her pussy and her womb was loaded with those men's cum they fucked all finished night and they went out.Mom was bare and her body was .
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