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Default Mother fucked by Dad's supervisor -Cum Swallowing, Hardcore, Spanking, Wife

Mother fucked by Dad's supervisor -Cum Swallowing, Hardcore, Spanking, Wife

Dream, Anal, Ass to pussy, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Hardcore, Spanking, Wife

This is the tale of how my father's manager took adavantage of the state of father and fucked my mother

Greetings this is rahul and my father works in an IT organization and he is 45 yrs old and my mother velamma she is a flat out marvel a run of the mill south Indian woman.Shehas reasonable skin,long haired ,pink lips,big tremendous melons,fatty hot navel,blue eyes and greasy ass cheeks.Her melons are so colossal like watermelons and is round and huge and her gigantic ass wiggles when she wlaks.So her sizes are 36-34-44 and her melons are 36 g and are enormous each man will bite the dust to fuck her yet father doesn't he is constantly occupied and he forever discontent mom.She is constantly left horny.Every men in our general vicinity oogle at Mom's hot body wen she turns out and numerous fantasize her body and she will anmastrubation symbol for some uncle's and men in our area.She is 38 yrs old and now one tells she is 30 above so hot her body is numerous men in my father's office got desirous of father having a spouse with hot body and they have yearn for mom.Dads supervisor is Rick he is an English men and exceptionally rich guy.He is 45 yrs old and he is extremely solid folks tore abs,huge shoulders,broad chest ,immense biceps and he is hot person and he is hitched however he appreciates every single hot chick and he is extremely a fortunate person he have fucked numerous ladies he appears and they give great organization to him.Because of his looks and cash.

Once there was a gathering in manager home and every one of his representatives are invited with family and mother went to it mother wore a white saree and her saree is so straightforward were her colossal clevage and hot navel are visible.Already men are inclined to mother and now they could make the most of her hot body and now Rick had eyes on mother too he haven't seen mother perpetually and he was stunned tat my father having a hot spouse with gigantic titties and he drew close to mother and now he was fucking her body by observing and now supervisor welcomed father to his private room and have a drink and they went in and he thought of a plan to fuck mother today and he influenced father to drink intensely to and father was depleted and now the gathering was finished and mother was holding up in his Hall and now every one of the men went to their home.Now mother saw Rick was coming without father and she asked abt him and he told he was completely depleted and he will be fine in morning.Now he gradually began to talk with mother and he making the most of her perspectives and now mother was pulled in by his method for discourse and now he continued splitting jokes and he commended about mothers hot body and mother was completely pulled in to his discourse and now he got some information about fathers existence with her she was state of mind out and he asked her whether he fulfilled her and she told never and he was stunned hearing it and he advised her if u were my significant other I wouldn't have left u like tat and he told father is an idiot

Mother all of a sudden inquired as to whether I'm ur spouse wat will u do and now Rick grinned at her and told and I will fuck u entire day hard my dear and now mother grinned at him and now he drew close to mother and he kissed and snuggled her and he kissed her lips and his hard tongue licked her delicate pink lips now he evacuated her saree and was stunned seeing her gigantic clevage and he squeezed it hard and mother was appreciating it as she groans ahahahahahshs shshshhshshhs and now he expelled her shirt he was stunned mother's 36 g melons are hanging inside a white bra and is extremely enormous and he asked her wats the size and she grinned and let him know 36 g and he said wow and now he expelled her bra and mother's colossal rippen melons hanged out and is huge and her areolas are erect and her areolas are dull dark and is exceptionally bigger and now he began to suck and crushed her melons and sucked it so hard and her areolas resemble grapes and he chomp it and now all distraught e mother so horny and wild and he squeezed the so hard and now he kissed her navel and squeezed her greasy tummy and licked now he evacuated her skirt and mother was wearing dark undies and her immense smooth thighs are obvious and now he expelled her underwear And was stunned her pussy is so wet and is shave and pinkish and now mother is full bare before a man none other than father's boss.Now Rick expelled his dress mother was stunned to see his solid body and now she watched his boxers getting so tremendous and now he evacuated his boxers and mother opened her eyes totally open his cockerel is so long like a don't and is a white chicken and it's 10 inch es and 5 inch size and is so vast Nd his gonads are so colossal like a cricket ball and he is so hot body too momwas amped up for fucking him.

Presently he made mother to stoop down and mother took his cockerel in her grasp and is so huge and she licked it and sucked it now he deepthorated his rooster and mother can't breath and she suffocated and he continued fucking in Mom's mouth and now he made mother's legs totally open and he kissed her smooth thighs and now kept his face over mother's pussy and he began to lick it and mother's juices are now streaming out and now he licked her pussy with his hard tongue and he chomp her clit and she maoned ahahahahahahahahahahshshshshshhshshshshshhshhshshh shshhahhahahhohohohohohohohohoyayayauauausysy and now he embedded his dick inside her pussy and he gradually fucked her and continued fucking her pussy and she delighted in fucking another man and he entered somewhere inside eher pussy and he drew her for 30 min and she came about 4 times he now saved an enormous heap of sperm inside eher womb.But still he is hard and now he influenced mother to lie on her side and now embedded his dick inside mothers ass and it exceptionally more tightly and he asked mother whether ur hubby fucks here and mother told he never entered without further ado he embedded his immense dick inside and mother was in genuine agony and now he staryed to hit it sooo hard and his chicken hhittting the thighs sounds toptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoktokto ktoktoktoktoktoktoktoktoktoktoktok and he poundeds hard into her rear-end and mother yelled ahahhahahahhahahahhahahhahhahahhahhohoohohoohohoho hoohoohoohohohohohooohohohohohoohoh in genuine torment and after 15 he entered nearly his full cockerel extending mothers ass gaps and relesed his sperm inside her can holes.Now he kissed mother all finished and mother too kissed him and after some rest and they alcoholic some wine and rick smoked some cigarette and now he had some erection and now made mother stood like pooch and he approached and began to embed his dick inside her pussy and he sqeeezed her melons and fucked quick like a motor and mother yelled ahhahhahahhahahhahahhahohoohoohohohohhohoohoohohoh oohohohoohhohoohohoho he shook her pussy for 15 mins and now he embedded his dick inside her butt gaps and began to screw her rear-end and scarcely he shook her and she appreciated the warmth created in her rear-end and now after15 min he relesed more cum insid eher rear-end and now he took a glass of wine and whisky and a cigarette and now made mother stertch her legs so wide and now he embedded his dick insid eher pussy and fucked her in misionary position he entertd profound insid e her pussy as he alcoholic now he is wild and began to fuck at extremely incredible spped after afew strokes mother climaxed hard he continued fucking her for 40 min he embedded his dick into the most profound part and now seeded his cum stack inside her womb and now he took his dick out and is stilll hard and now mother ttok it in her mouth and she sucked and now deepthoated it hard and she gulped his balls and she cleaned his cockerel with her mouth and he continued fucking her hard entire night in different sxpositions and shook every one of her openings and mother was sunk hard every one of her gaps he embedded parcel of sperm inside her womb he fucked her till morning and in morning mother w as discovered bare in the bed with cum overflowing in the pussy and ass gaps and all finished tiitis and mouth she was truly slammed hard and now mother tidied and spruced up and she was soo tired up and she discovered father was lying in couch and both went home and mother proceeded with her fucking issue with the manager and he appreciated fucking her whenver he needs and father was offerd great compensation and position in offfice and mother delighted in fucking him a lottttt
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