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Default Under the Colosseum - Anal, Ass to mouth, Authoritarian

Under the Colosseum - Anal, Ass to mouth, Authoritarian

Dream, Anal, Ass to mouth, Authoritarian, BDSM, Discipline, Domination/accommodation, Female Domination, Female/Female, Girls/Female, Hardcore, Male/Female Teens, Males/Females, Non-consensual sex, Oral Sex, Reluctance, Scatology, Slavery, Water Sports/Pissing, Written by ladies

we've kept these here tied up for as long as two days, the weight in their loins must be exceptionally agonizing undoubtedly

"What's more, you are very certain they're appropriately arranged?" Visellia asked as they were descending the stairs into the lower levels of the Colosseum, their means now reverberating through the stone passages, just faintly lit by the few lights along the dividers.

"Very set i up, guarantee you," the short, bare man answered as he was driving the way. "For the warriors, there's very little to do other than to battle, or to prepare for their next battle. Thus they invest a lot of their energy driving back their additional club, on the off chance that you get my importance." He delayed and looked sideways at the aristocrat, cautious not to stand up of line. "Particularly since there's no ladies for them around," he proceeded as Visellia hinted at no ire. "The stamina they develop that way is very amazing. Some of them can pass over effectively five times each day. What's more, since we've kept these here tied up for as far back as two days, the weight in their loins must be exceptionally agonizing without a doubt."

Behind her, Visellia could hear her home slaves laugh, The two young ladies were new to her family, having just been procured two weeks prior for what ended up being a decent cost for two youthful virgins, and she had conveyed them along to give them a first taste of what was epected of them as a worker in the place of the Visellii. Horatia, the leader of her own staff, shushed them to influence them to quiets down. She gave her fancy woman an excusig gesture.

Visellia grinned. Give them a chance to snicker, she thought. They'll get what's wanting them soon, at any rate.

The room they were driven into was just marginally bigger than the lobby outside, however lit by numerous more lights, making it nearly as splendid as day in there. In the middle, four seats were situated so as to shape a cross, and on each of those, a solid, tall, wild looking man was sitting, fastened by his hands and feet, relatively unfit to move. The woman grinned, appreciating the bare, oiled, all around prepared groups of her property. Indeed, she thought, this would have been a decent day to entertain herself.

With a gesture from her paramour, Horatia strepped forward, the two young ladies close behind. "This present one's a champion," the bare man remarked as they moved toward a dark haired, expansive, surprisingly shaved warrior. "Too awful he's additionally a double crosser, or he would've fared extremely well in the military." The woman looked as her cleaning specialist gradually bowed before the man, bringing his thick rooster into her hand and, ensuring the two young ladies were giving careful consideration, brought it into her mouth. She choked as, very quickly, her mouth was loaded with piss, flooding out of the dick like a drinking fountain, joined by boisterous chuckling from the bound fighter.

Horatia reeled back, taking a gander at her special lady while the chicken continued pissing uninhibitedly, squirting pee everywhere on her tunic. "How'd you like the taste?" the man asked haughtily.

Visellia ventured nearer. "Swallow," she requested her slave, who still had her mouth loaded with piss, at that point motioned her to clear out as she pulled up her own particular tunic until her delicate, round, white rear end showed up. The aristocrat pivoted and dropped her exposed butt down onto the groin of the disobedient contender, who still continued giggling and taunting them. Gradually, inch by inch, she squeezed a long, darker, thick piece of poop from between her hindquarters, directly into the man's lap, where it lay warm over his penis, gradually dissolving and running down his balls. Without another word, she dismissed and on to the following man, joined by the whispered heaves of the two new young ladies.

"This current one's a brute, and a wild one at that," the bare man clarified, motioning to the furry, thick, unpleasant looking combatant whose wild whiskers gave away his provenance unmistakably. "Never figured out how to talk latin either." Well, I needn't bother with you to speak, Visellia thought as she motioned for the two young ladies to come over while delicately getting the wild man's cockerel with her slim fingers. He got hard in a split second, having gone so long without the warm, delicate touch of a lady's hand that only it stimulated him impressively. As she stroked the hard, long shaft, sticky clear liquid started in a flash to shape to finish everything, coming up short on its head at a relatively steady pace.

Without a word, she snatched one of the young ladies by her hair and pushed her head down onto the combatant's rooster, making her bring him profound into her mouth. The young lady screeched, however challenged not to gripe, even as her throat got overwhelmed immediately by a thick, hot heap of cum, directing into her at such a rate, to the point that she could scarcely contain it. Inside minutes, it was coming up short on the sides of her mouth and dribbled down onto her extensive, wide chest - one of the ascribes that made Visellia get her. "Swallow," the special lady requested once more, this time coordinated at the young lady whose stomach revolted at the solid, tart, strange taste of cum. Gnawing her teeth, and with tears framing in her eyes, she constrained the rich load down.

"You," she stated, swinging to the next young lady. "Lick him clean and suck him until he's hard once more." Horatia went with the startled slave and guided her down between the man's legs, demonstrating to her equitable industry standards to take the flabby rooster between her lips and where to apply strain to get move down once more. While she delicately played with his balls, the young lady could feel the pole developing and getting hard inside her mouth once more. "Mmh, that didn't take long," the special lady said satisfied. "You've been very full, haven't you?" The unshaven man just snorted accordingly while Visellia pulled up her tunic once more, exposing her white butt yet again, which was currently spread with dark colored stains. "At that point how about we check whether this is sufficiently tricky for me."

She dropped herself down on the man's groin while Horatia, knowing her special lady's inclinations, guided the thick, long cockerel, elusive from the youthful slave's salivation, straight for the woman's messy darker butt hole. Visellia murmured as the rooster split her open, yet then took it profound and hard. The aristocrat was clearly used to having her butt hole extended, a reality that Horatia knew just great, while the youthful slaves watched in wonderment at how their special lady's butt climbed and down the solid, hard dick while her void cunt opened somewhat above, releasing clear fluids.

"Go on, serve your courtesan," Horatia told the second young lady, moving her head between the lady's legs until the point when her face was covered inside Visellia's thick dark bramble and she suckled like an infant at her pussy lips. The courtesan felt the savage jolt and heartbeat inside her rear end, and spurts of cum shot hot and hard into her digestive system until the point when they came running out around the sides.

"By Jupiter, this one comes like a steed," she panted as yet riding him hard while she spread her legs wide so the slave could lick up the abundance cum. The man snorted and moaned and without a doubt came a few more circumstances previously his cockerel went limp once more. Her first craving satiated, Visellia slid off his lap and gestured to the young lady between his legs. "Great, now lick him clean once more," she requested, at that point swung to the next young lady who so far had been standing aside, upbeat that she didn't need to taste any more sperm. "What's more, you," she advised her, "confess all my butt hole. With your tongue."
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