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Default Alex's New Life: Part 2 - Exhibitionism, Gay, Hardcore, Humiliation

Alex's New Life: Part 2 - Exhibitionism, Gay, Hardcore, Humiliation

Fiction, Anal, Domination/accommodation, Exhibitionism, Gay, Hardcore, Humiliation, Masturbation, Toys

I was anticipating holding up to discharge this until there were a sure measure of perspectives on the initial segment. In any case, here you go

Alex's New Life Part 2

Alex got in his auto and moaned as his cockerel had declined to go down. He glanced around and saw nobody was near and it was the dead of night. Letting out a moan Alex unfastened his jeans and hauled out his throbbing part and murmured in help. Alex began his auto and began driving, his dick throbbing and uncovered .

As Alex drove he really wanted to achieve his free hand down and begin stroking himself gradually. He bit his lip and moaned out as he pleasured himself, realizing that if his excitement diminished he may have misgivings about what he was planning to do. In the wake of edging 4 times over the 30 minute drive Alex at long last pulled up to the address customized into his telephone.

Apprehensively Adam pulled up to the place of the man that would change his life. He moved in his seat causing the buttplug somewhere inside him squirm within him which relatively sent him over the edge. He sat there focusing on keeping his repressed load from emitting all finished himself.

After about a moment he was certain that he had himself under control. Alex attempted to put his throbbing dick once again into his jeans however found that he couldnt as he was taking a seat and he was simply too hard. Reddening some Alex escaped his auto and ensured that he confronted the auto. With a snort of uneasiness he drove his jerking part to the side and did his jeans up.

In spite of the fact that whatever is left of the houses in the city appeared to age seriously from dilapidation the house he remained before was crisply painted and very much kept up. His lump made it extremely clear he was exceptionally energized so he took a full breath and strolled towards the entryway, not needing any other person ot see his faux pas.

Alex took a gander at the entryway and bit his lip as he endeavored to accumulate his boldness to proceed with what he needed to do. At long last Alex lifted his hand and thumped on the entryway 3 times. He attempted ot prevent himself from shaking from a blend of nervousness and fervor.

After what felt like hours however was less then a moment, the entryway opened and there stood a pudgy moderately aged man. He wasn't precisely buff however he couldn't generally be portrayed as fat shrivel. He had a clear yet stern look all over as he looked the young fellow before him here and there. The man grinned a bit when he saw Alex's dick jabbing out from inside his pants. Alex become flushed hard as he saw that the man was just wearing an athletic supporter and the enormous lump that lived in the pocket.

"Indeed, are you going to remain there throughout the day?" The man said as he transformed and began strolling into the house. Alex gulped and took after his host and close the entryway behind him.

"An are you PozzingSLC?" Alex said as he took after the man, his eyes bolted onto the keeps an eye on shaggy ass.

The man snickered as he pivoted to confront Alex. Alex was so occupied he nearly kept running into the extensive man before him. He could notice the keeps an eye on regular smell as he ceased himself just an inch or two far from the man.

"Haha. Do you think I simply let irregular folks in my home on the off chance that I hadn't welcomed them." PozzingSLC smiled. "However, yes I am PozzingSLC, and your the little skank that I will direct my seed into. In any case, to make things less demanding, call me Shane"

Alex's heart dashed and he felt bleary eyed from his energy and the musky fragrance of Shane. He gestured and stammered out. "Alright Shane.." Alex bit his lip. "I'm Alex.."

Shane put his hand shockingly tenderly on Alex's shoulder influencing the young fellow to hop in amaze. "Hi Alex, Im happy to meet you."

Shane at that point pulled Alex closer and pushes his lips to the youthful keeps an eye on. Alex was stunned as he was constrained into the kiss yet casual some as he began kissing the great looking man before him. Shane held Alex set up with one hand and came to down to rub the youthful keeps an eye on dick with his other hand.

Alex let out a profound groan into Shane's mouth and ground himself into the more seasoned keeps an eye close by. Shanes tongue pushed into Alex mouth and began investigating the youthful keeps an eye on mouth. Alex reacted by playing with Shane's tongue with his own.

Alex was a shaking as Shane pulled away, a grin all over. "Mmmm, lets take this to the room."

Letting out a chuckle Shane pivoted and began going upstairs. Alex bit his lip and moaned as he took after the enormous man. As he got to the highest point of the stairs he saw that Shane had gone into a room so he took after.

Alex investigated the room and was shocked at the style of the room. He couldn't put his finger on it however this didnt resemble alternate folks rooms he had been as well. Alex at that point saw a photograph on the end table and caught on. In the photograph he could see Shane grinning with a wonderful ladies and a young lady.

"An are you hitched?" Alex asked anxiously and pointing at the photograph. He didn't know how he felt about laying down with a wedded man.

Shane let out a miserable murmur and swung to take a gander at the young fellow. "I used to be."

For a moment Alex thought he saw melancholy in the man confront, yet it was too immediately supplanted by a stern glare. "Presently would you say you will get your fabrics off, or am I must strip you like a youngster?"

Alex become flushed and gestured as he began pulling his materials off. Looking down to fix his jeans he saw that pre stressed the front of his pants. Shane laughed as he excessively saw the wet spot. "It would appear that your may very well still be a youngster. It would seem that you pissed your jeans."

As Shane snickered Alex become flushed harder and fixed his jeans giving his throbbing dick a chance to free. Alex kicked his shoes off lastly dropped his jeans and ventured out of them so he remained before the more seasoned man in the greater part of his magnificence.

"Pivot kid." Shane told.

Alex gestured as he began gradually pivoting. He could hear Shane groan in endorsement as he saw the buttplug still immovably in Alex's rear end.

"Gracious you are a decent whore aren't you?" Shane said with a laugh.

This influenced Alex to throb somewhat harder and he was excessively humiliated, making it impossible to swing to take a gander at the man. "T-thank you.... Eeeek!!!"

Alex was amazed as he felt one of Shanes arms wrap around his chest and the other hand hauled the attachment out of him so all of a sudden. Alex was appreciative he had utilized silicone lube as the buttplug was as yet smooth and hauled out reasonably effectively.

Shane drove his chest to the youthful keeps an eye on back and without notice he pushed his tip towards the youthful keeps an eye on marginally expanding gap. Alex took in profoundly as he hadnt anticipated that things would begin so all of a sudden.

"Ohhh your going to be a fun one." Shane said directly into Alex's ear as he begins to burry his thick substantial dick into Alex's wet gap.

Alex's shock was supplanted with delight as he felt the more seasoned keeps an eye on rooster spread him more extensive and more extensive. Despite the fact that Shane was so enormous, he was by all accounts taking as much time as necessary spreading Alex's gap open.

Alex head spun as Shane pushed his athletic supporter into his face. The musky aroma was relatively inebriating and relatively occupied him from Shanes moderate pushes. This changed however as Shane pushed the last 2 crept in all of a sudden and his tip pummeled directly into the youthful keeps an eye on prostate.

Gracious you cherish my aroma dont you skank?" Shane asked as he pushed his hips up so he lifts Alex up mind his dick.

Alex groaned out all of a sudden and his dick began spurting from being overpowered from so much incitement. His inner parts throbbed and throbbed around Shane's dick as he climaxed so rapidly.

Shane moaned out yet snarled, "Did I give you consent to cum, you prostitute?" Shane wrapped his hand agonizingly around the base of Alex's dick preventing any more seed from spurting out. "Your going to should be rebuffed for this."

Alex fussed and squirmed as his seed was blocked and had no where to go however back. He breaded profoundly as the climax passed yet howled in astound as Shane hauled out all of a sudden and pushed him onto the bed.

Alex gazed toward Shane as he moved towards the bed. "I-Im sorry..." he said with a redden as he groveled before the enormous man. He was loaded with dread and fervor as Shane ceased directly before him.....

Creators notes:

I'm taking a shot at the third piece of this story, however Id jump at the chance to see a few proposals of what you as the perusers might want to find to a limited extent three. It would be ideal if you leave a message cry and Ill look through them to check whether there is anything I like.

Much appreciated again to read.
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