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Default Heading Home

Heading Home

Kelly tapped her inn card against the electronic bolt and pushed the entryway open. It was peaceful and she looked around the bend to see Evan sprawled out in bed, the sheets crumpled, on his back. He opened his eyes and grinned. "Hello stranger."

"Hello," she stated, cautiously jumping on to the quaint little inn her head on the pad beside his. He was so delightful - pure black hair, somewhat longish so it fell over his temple; tanned skin and a wide grin that still influenced her heart to liquefy. She set her hand delicately on his cheek.

His forehead wrinkled somewhat over his dark blue eyes. "It is safe to say that you are alright?"

She gestured. Evan let the quiet wait. "It was better than average," she said.

"Be that as it may?"

Kelly murmured. "He couldn't have cared less about me," she said. "I didn't understand the amount of a distinction that made."

Evan grinned and pulled her onto his chest, grasping her. "He didn't hurt you, did he?" he solicited discreetly, kissing the best from her head.

"Close to was fundamental," she stated, lifting her make a beeline for indicate him she was grinning, and planting a full kiss on his lips. "Shouldn't something be said about her?"

Evan shrugged. "Somewhat vanilla, by all accounts," he winked.

Kelly snickered. "Truly?"

She kissed him once more, and grasping her he moved her on to her back, sliding his hand up her body to her face. She felt his body fixing and she saw he was as yet bare under the sheets. His touch, the way his body squeezed into hers influenced her want to begin to climb and she was soon pulling and snatching at his body as much as he was at hers. Running his hands over her exposed body, he felt the delicate skin of her rear end. "Infant ," he said. "My most loved part," he snickered. His face turned genuine. "Did he fuck you there?"

Kelly shook her head. "No."

"Great," he stated, moving off her. "Get the lube out of my bag."

Kelly moved out of the quaint little inn as she was told, as Evan slid to the finish of the informal lodging on the corner, reclining on his elbows. Kelly gave him the jug of grease before sinking to her knees before him. She assembled his rooster in her grasp and immovably stroked him into full erection. With a grin, she licked a dribble of fluid from the tip.

After completely slicking up his cockerel, Kelly turned her back to him and gradually brought down herself onto his staff, feeling it extend her rear end like an exceptionally hint knead. It slid effortlessly, and Kelly's body reacted to its nature, unwinding and pulling him promote inside. Evan wrapped his arms around her, his hands running here and there her internal thigh and squeezed her bosom. She set her hand over his and guided it to her cunt, and his fingers played with her wet clit.

The prior night flashed through her psyche - the agony, the joy, the dread, the thrill. The security and solace of being back in Evan's arms. Her climax came quick, and she laid her head back on his shoulder as she let it wash over her. His hold fixed on her hip and he ground his rooster into her butt as his climax took after hers.

Kelly turned her go to kiss his cheek. "Your face smells like pussy," she said.

He smiled. "You have come in your hair."
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