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Default Farmhouse Slave Wife Chapter 2 and 3 -Pregnant, Rape, Slavery, Threesome

Farmhouse Slave Wife Chapter 2 and 3 -Pregnant, Rape, Slavery, Threesome

Fantasm, Anal, BDSM, Bestiality, Blowjob, Bondage and confinement, Cum Swallowing, Domination/accommodation, Female/Female, First Time, Hardcore, Lactation, Male Domination, Males/Female, Non-consensual sex, Pregnant, Rape, Slavery, Threesome, Torture, Virginity, Young

A Young pregnant spouse encourages her better half take another wife.

Part 2

Two months subsequent to being hitched I have fucked and additionally sucked every one of the pooches and three steeds. I am tied up in the horse shelter again when the ranch hand Luke comes in I hear Sir reveal to him that he can fuck me in the ass however in my pussy until the point that he puts an angel in me and I recall and endeavor to recollect when I had my period and I say goodness I can't be. Luke unfastens his jeans and ventures up he request lube Sir disclose to him no need he cleared out a heap in their as of now his dick isn't as large as Sir so I don't figure it would hurt. He goes in alright and he begins fucking me immovable as he squeezes and force my areolas and after that he hits them and I shout he begins hollering at me to cum for him as I do he empties on me slapping me anyplace his hands and achieve calling me a decent whore who originates from all the filthy things that he is doing to me and, he cums hard. After he hauls out he comes around and instructs me to clean him I open my mouth and taste myself on his dick. I am so drained I reveal to Sir that I have to utilize it he instructs me to go into the house as he tails he discloses to me it is the ideal opportunity for me to take a test. He gives me a stick and instructs me to pee on it I do and he takes it and shows it to me yet I don't comprehend what it implies it's two lines he discloses to me that I will give him a child. I stay there in stun I disclose to him that I have to go to the specialist he says that he will take me soon and that I should make supper and rest. After we eat I scrub down and prepare for my daily fucking however he doesn't come to bed so I go outside and see that the stable is open and I go inside to see that he is fucking the female canine may he is hitting her as he cums my pussy starts to throb so I begin rubbing my clit and he takes a gander at me with a grin as I cum he inquire as to whether I loved the show yet before I say yea he slaps me over the face since I neglected to inquire as to whether I could cum.

I am sitting in the specialist's office holding up to be called with Sir it's been seven days since I took the test and I am frightened I don't know how to deal with a child. Sir has just had intercourse with me once however it was distinctive I miss the old way and I have been so horny yet he keeps on engaging in sexual relations with the puppy and his stallion Betsy and I figure she might have an infant likewise and Sir as been simple on me. After I pee into a glass the medical attendant reveals to me that I am having an infant the specialist affirms this and says in regards to 7 months he discloses to me that I can proceed with my ordinary exercises Sir as about unpleasant ocean and the specialist says nothing to harsh except for I can proceed. We leave with a great deal of perusing material to influence the two-hour to drive back home when Sir reveals to me he needs another lady he says that he wouldn't like to hurt the infant yet he needs somebody to full his needs and I need to cry I realize that he doesn't love me yet I figured I would be sufficient for him. He sees young lady strolling alone and he instructs me to get out and converse with her discover where she is going and I know whether I don't it will be terrible for me. I inquire as to whether she needs a ride she takes a gander at Sir I disclose to her its alright she reveals to me her name is Carol and I disclose to her my name I disclose to her we will give her a ride she gets in Sir advises her to get in the center and we drive off. Sir puts is hand on her leg and she ask him what he is doing and he get that look that I know it will be terrible he advises her to quiets down and pressures him into taking a potentially rash action between her legs. She starts to endeavor to battle him so he pulls over and instructs me to get out and drive. Hymn tries to get out and run he gets her by the hair and tosses her back in he gets rope and starts to tie her up as I advise her to be very before he harms her. As I commute home he instructs me to take the byways and I do she keeps on talking inquiring as to why are we doing this and Sir discloses to her since he can. I keep my eyes out and about ensuring nobody sees us. We at long last return home and he instructs me to get dinner going as he pulls her into the horse shelter where I hear her shout. Following 60 minutes, he comes in as I am putting supper on the table with his shirt off revealing to me how tight her pussy is and how he can hardly wait to fuck her butt I inquire as to myself he discloses to me that I will get mine he discloses to me that I can fuck the steeds and influence the puppies to lick my pussy however I can't fuck them since he doesn't need them tying me. I am so horny I am squirming he instructs me to eat so we can go have some good times.

We go into the animal dwellingplace where Carol is groaning and moaning one of the puppies is licking her pussy he is attempting to mount her however she is as yet tied up. I take a gander at her she has welts wherever from the whip Sir reveals to me that when I tidy her up to shave her pussy he doesn't need hair down there he likewise discloses to me that she will enable me with the cooking and spotless and keeping an eye on the creatures and that I to can utilize her. After he unchains her she tumbles to the ground he advises her to stand and she does he instructs me to enable her to the house and I to do. I take her to the lavatory and run a shower for her she asks, me why I encourages him do this I advise her to be very or he will rebuff her and she quits talking. She is a beautiful young lady I gaze at her areolas that a wounded and swollen I take a gander at her shrub and get out the scissors and a razor I disclose to her that on the off chance that she tries to hurt me he will slaughter her she says that she needs to live. I have her get in the tub and I however some shower salts to facilitate her torment I start washing her when Sir comes in and takes a gander at us I reveal to Sir that I think she is pretty and he discloses to me great since he is keeping her. I open her legs and take a gander at her I realize that she is sore I have her sit in favor of the tub where I start trimming her hair and afterward I smooth shaving cream on her and I shave her exposed. I disclose to her that she will be touchy down there. We get out and I get her dry I reveal to her that Sir doesn't care for me to rest in garments she asks, why I call him Sir and I disclose to her since he let me know as well and that she ought to likewise. I tell I don't know where she will rest and Sir says in here with us he cleaned up in the other restroom and is standing their bare he instructs us to get in the bed. He discloses to me that the ball is in my court to utilize her and I say I would prefer not to and he slaps me hard I take a gander at him he advises her to get between my legs and eat me he additionally reveals to me that on the off chance that I argue again that he will whip me. I open my legs and she gazes toward me now she knows why I did what I did she starts licking and my pussy begin to throb.

She is unsteady like she has never done this and either have I yet I comprehend what I like so I instruct her Sir get behind her and instructs me to constrain her face in my pussy so I snatch her by the head and do as he says and it feels great I am going to cum Sir instruct me to proceed as he pummels his dick into her shouts are suppressed as I advise her don't stop as he slaps her butt he reveals to her that he will fuck her can soon. He begins fucking her and I realize that she is harming and I couldn't care less on the grounds that I am going to cum so I inquire as to whether I can and he says yes as he starts pushing into her rigid. He slaps her and advises her to cum and she does hard thus do I take a gander at Sir and he is cumming and instructs us to tell the truth his dick and we do. I set down and he discloses to her that she will be binded to the bed. I turn over and he kiss each of us and instructs us to kiss each other and I taste myself on her I swing to Sir and he appears to be upbeat and he reveals to me that just a single of us can be pregnant at once and that he will gain her introduction to the world power.

Part 3

As my stomach gets greater I get hornier by the day and Carol and has been a decent help to me. Sir has prepared her and she now does the greater part of the errands and cooking and she is a superior cook than me. As Luke comes in he discloses to me that he needs us to come into the outbuilding as we get their Sir instructs us to strip and we do Luke instructs me to lay on a parcel of roughage that he has secured with a cover and he starts to fuck me and crushing my bosom and revealing to me that he can hardly wait to I begin getting my drain and how he will suck drain from them. I investigate at Sir and see that he has got Carol twisted around she is sucking one of the steed's dick while Sir is fucking her in the ass.

Ditty has come to like everything that Sir does to her she is hornier than I am on occasion Sir now considers her as his second spouse she informed us concerning her life. Hymn was living with her auntie and uncle who truly didn't need her there and that she is 17 she needed to impart a space to her 3 cousins' and they were mean to her and she needed to stroll to class and when we lifted her up she was removing a stroll to get from them her uncle constrained her to suck his dick. I felt terrible for her however I am happy that she is here I have somebody to converse with as I experience state of mind swings and managing Sir. Luke instructs me to turn over that he needs to fuck my rear end and I get hornier he lubes up and starts ease back and I begin to groan and instruct him to do it harder I gaze upward and see that Carol is cumming and it triggers me I am cum so hard Luke keeps on fucking me and he hauls out and instruct me to turn over and he fucks my face and cums in my mouth. I go over and stoop by Sir and as he cum in Carol he instructs me to clean him and I lick him perfect and after I assault Carol I lick and suck her pussy I adore the essence of Sirs cum in her pussy as I run my tongue all through her opening I suck her clit into my mouth while finger fucking myself and when she cums so do I.

Over the long haul my gut is getting greater as are my bosom when they start to deliver
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